The StarCraft Community is one of the largest, most vocal, and most dedicated fan communities to exist around a game or franchise and ever since the leaders of the community met with Blizzard officially last year, at the first RTS Community Summit, we have increasingly been officially recognized. To help our partnership to continue to grow Blizzard recently added a new page to - the "Community" page.

This page's banner is made up from fan art and the page is soley dedicated to features for, by, and from the community. In addition to linking to several community resources it also features some of Blizzard's favorite user created StarCraft content. This page has some very ambitious goals and while it is currently sparse, it has potential to become a great resource. Keep watching for more improvements and products that spawned from the community's group brainstorm with Blizzard.

Also, several days ago a new job posting went up at - Assistant Community Manager.

Assistant Community Manager

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a highly motivated, organized, and proactive assistant community manager for our RTS (real-time strategy) titles, including StarCraft II. This individual should be well aware of the latest technologies and techniques used in building and maintaining successful gaming communities. Furthermore, the assistant community manager must be both a team player and able to complete tasks with minimal supervision. Areas of responsibility include interacting with fansites, moderating the official forums, and assisting with various events such as gaming conventions and player gatherings. Lastly, this individual should have a strong desire to work collaboratively on a team to evolve the way we support and expand the Blizzard Entertainment gaming community.

The ideal candidate would be an avid Blizzard Entertainment RTS gamer with experience as a member or moderator of a forum-based community. This person would also have a strong understanding of popular social networking trends on the Internet, as well as a desire to continually take on new projects. An even temper and a passion for providing top-notch customer service in a fast-paced environment are essential. Also, the ideal assistant community manager will be highly motivated, conscientious, and detail-oriented, with excellent communication skills.

For anyone that has been a part of this amazing and talented community for some time would be a perfect candidate. This is for many of us, a dream job and a fantastic opportunity. If you're interested and think you have what it takes to work with both Karune and our community, be sure to check it out. SC:L isn't the only place that values talent and dedication!

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Assistant Community Manager Job Opportunity

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