Today, Blizzard released details of each of the in-game goodies included with the purchase of either a physical or virtual BlizzCon 2015 ticket. Similar to prior years, the items will unlock shortly after BlizzCon begins and players will receive at least one in-game reward for each of Blizzard's current flagship games. BlizzCon 2015 will take place in Anaheim, California November 6-7, 2015. While tickets to attend the two-day convention have been sold out for some time, the virtual ticket is available for $39.99.

World of Warcraft - Murkadin Pet



After consuming the shin bone of Gul'dan, this fiesty demon hunter was caged for 10,000 years by his brother Murkfurion. Now he’s ready to unleash his finfernal rage in pet battles across Azeroth!


Heroes of the Storm - Nexus Battle Beast Mount



Teams will tremble and Cores will crumble when you storm into combat astride the mighty Nexus Battle Beast!


 Hearthstone - Blizzard 2015 Card Back 



Hearthstone on phones, Tavern Brawls, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and more—a very cool year, indeed.


StarCraft II - Portraits



Show off your status as a galactic BlizzConquerer with a pair of Legacy of the Void–themed portraits invoking the mysteries of the Xel’Naga and the power of the Spear of Adun.


 Diablo III - BlizzCon Pennant, Pet, and Portrait



A trio of treasures awaits! Fly the colors of the BlizzCon crusade with an all-new pennant, and mrglgllglgll the demonic hordes with your Murkgoblin pet and portrait.*


The StarCraft rewards are a little underwhelming. Something BlizzCon themed would have been preferable. For example, a special BlizzCon inspired unit skin, ala the 2014 & 2015 BlizzCon Heroes of the Storm mounts, or a unique Allied Commander mission, would have been exceptional. We will just have to console ourselves with all of the new campaign, features, UI, modes, units, and skins coming with Legacy of the Void's  imminent release.

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