As Blizzard's James Waugh, Director of Story Development & Lead Writer for StarCraft II, recently announced at TwitchCon, there are five new StarCraft lore short stories currently in production. Today, Blizzard announced the release schedule for all five stories.



Blizzard has been slowly producing lore focused StarCraft short stories by various authors for several years now. The heaviest concentration of new material has consistently been released to build up hype leading up to the game launches and relevantly, these newest stories will all be published before Legacy of the Void drops on November 10, 2015. These Protoss-centric stories will likely endeavor to illustrate specific moments in their history, flesh out their culture and motivations in more detail, and act as a bridge between the previous games and what is to come in LotV. The last story, The Exit, by Danny McAleese was published on July 1, 2014.

Hopefully, these novellas will breathe some fresh air into the StarCraft lore and provide some great contextual clues for what is to come in Legacy of the Void. Check back after each short story's release for a brief summary and our review.

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