April Fools has come and gone, and this year had more StarCraft-related jokes. Blizzard made some amusing posts on the official StarCraft 2 front page, including selling the Spear of Adun as a Legacy of the Void keepsake for the measly sum of $9,999,998.00, which is well worth it for a life-size replica of a Protoss arkship.

What came next was the shocking announcement that the Legacy of the Void beta has concluded after a very short run. Players were promised a balance change of their choice for when Legacy of the Void releases, in order to "balance everything out again."

Lastly, the astounding and revolutionary B'Motes were announced. Featuring pre-recorded emotes, B'Motes can give players a winning edge in their social expression.

And that concludes this year's Blizzard April Fools jokes. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but everyone made it off safe and sound.

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