Another Call to Action has been issued, this time to test an important change to the Tempest. The new test map is called “Deadwing LE (2.1.8 Balance v1.2)”, and includes the following update:

Balance Test Map:Deadwing LE (2.1.8 Balance v1.2)”
This is an update. For a complete list of changes please also reference our post regarding Balance v1.0 and Balance v1.1



  • Tempest
    • Deal +14 massive damage to air units.


A note that the balance testing extension mod has also been updated with this change, in case players want to try out a map other than Deadwing.

David Kim's reasoning for this Tempest alteration is that they were too weak against Colossi, but also needed to be inefficient against Brood Lords. He explains this in a small forum post:

We felt that by removing damage to massive, Tempests simply became too weak versus Colossi. We wanted to make a damage change to Tempests that would severely change how they interact versus Brood Lords, while less-severely affecting their relationship against Colossi. Changing their massive bonus to +14 felt like a good number because it doubles the number of shots Tempests take to kill Brood Lords, while changing the relationship vs. Colossi by about 67%.


To see the full post from David Kim, click here. For the announcement post for the Call to Action, click here.

Sources: - Call to Action: March 26 Balance Testing - Balance Test Map Update - March 19

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