A new multiplayer development update for Legacy of the Void has been released, asking for feedback on currently proposed changes to units new and old

Scan range experimentation

We've also seen some community feedback about changes that can be made to the scan range to increase the responsiveness of units in combat. We’ve made some adjustments internally and we’re initially liking how it plays out. This is something we’re planning on testing further in the beta.



  • The Thor self-repair ability has been removed.

The Thor self-repair ability isn’t really working. As we’ve pointed out before, we don’t like that fact that there’s no strategic decision outside of combat. If a Thor is damaged, players will always use the self-repair ability if they’re not in combat. Our current plans are to remove this ability for the start of beta and see how the Thor works without the added complexity of a different mode or an active ability.



  • Barrier is no longer an upgrade
  • Damage absorbed has been reduced to 100 down from 200.

Immortal Barrier ability being an upgrade isn’t working out well for us, so we went back to no upgrade and reduced the damage absorbed. It was too buried in tech, and in order to use Immortals with max efficiency, you had to have the additional building. So we’re trying to just balance the unit without the ability being an upgrade.



  • Roach burrow move now works when Burrow is researched and no longer requires an upgrade.

This ability allows for some cool micro that we’d like to see more of in Void, so we made it a bit more accessible for now. We’re also considering increasing the movement speed of Roaches while burrowed.


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Battle.net - Legacy of the Void: Multiplayer Development Update: February 12, 2015

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