Blizzard has addressed some concerns about the proposed changes in Legacy of the Void's multiplayer. A lengthy post about Protoss strength, resource changes, and unit count were discussed:

Protoss Strength

We’ve seen concerns about Protoss being mostly ‘nerfed’. Obviously we don’t want any race to get mostly ‘nerfs’ while other races are buffed, but because we’re trying so many things at once, balance will be off. Also, we’re aware that if we take away from the strength of the race as a whole, we’ll need to add something else back to make up for it since the balance of the game is pretty solid right now in Heart of the Swarm.


Resource Changes

As far as resourcing is concerned, right now, we’d like to specifically target a change where players need to spread their bases out more so that there’s a lot more action going on. We believe this will have two benefits: players going on the offense will have more attacking options, and players on the defense can show off their defending skill better since they have to defend a much wider area now.


New Unit Count

Everything in the game so far is just a snapshot of where we’re at in development, and nothing is set in stone at this point. For instance, it’s absolutely not determined that Protoss will only get one unit while other races will get two. The final new unit count is not yet decided. We want to do what’s right for the races and the game, and it’s just too early to make a call on the final new unit count for Legacy of the Void right now.


The full post can be seen here.

Source: - Legacy of the Void: Multiplayer Development Update: November 19, 2014

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