An explanation for the upcoming Archon Mode has been posted, describing a new way to play that's very similar to Team Melee from StarCraft: Brood War. Archon Mode will allow two players to take control of a single base to defeat the opponent, who is also controlled by two players. It is set to make its debut when Legacy of the Void is released.

Archon mode allows players to enjoy the popular and highly refined 1-vs-1 multiplayer experience in a team setting. Both players share control over a single base, and battle against a single foe. As the game develops they must work together to defeat their opponents. Controlling armies, managing resources, building a base, scouting, and more have all become shared responsibilities that can be managed by either commander. The question is… how well will you divvy it all up?


There are various appeals to playing as a single-base team: it's easier to teach someone how to play, it provides an interesting dynamic of demanding co-operation, and it has the potential for a lot of entertaining chaos. For the full post on Archon Mode, click here.

Source: - Legacy of the Void: Archon Mode

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