Blizzard's Legacy of the Void multiplayer preview is up and it describes various changes coming in the expansion.

General Gameplay Changes

There are two changes to the general core-gameplay elements of StarCraft II. Both changes are aimed at making Legacy of the Void multiplayer a more action-packed experience.

  • Resource tweaks
    • In order to encourage aggression, we intend to create more places to attack. To do this, we’re incentivizing faster expansions by decreasing the resources on Mineral Fields and Vespene Geysers by 33%. Combined with our unit changes for each race, this should make mid-game aggression much more potent and viable.
      • Mineral Fields now hold 1,000 Minerals instead of 1,500
      • Vespene Geysers now hold 1,700 Vespene Gas instead of 2,500
  • Starting worker count
      • In order to generally reduce the passive time-periods in the game, we’re increasing the starting worker count from 6 workers to 12 workers. The supply granted by the Command Center, Nexus, and Hatchery are being increased to account for this.


To see the full preview, which includes stats for upcoming new units, click here.

Source: - Legacy of the Void: Multiplayer Preview

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