A new Legacy of the Void post is up on the StarCraft II site showing various campaign features. It previews some of the missions in the campaign, ways to customize your army, and new locales.

Customization Options
In Legacy of the Void, you’ll have a number of ways to customize the way you play. This includes choosing how to outfit your forces, and which systems to use on your ship.

Customizing your Army
Rallying new protoss factions to your side has a benefit beyond simply growing your army. With new allies comes new technology and new ways to do battle. Finding the best ways to utilize these new forces can make all the difference on the battlefield.


New Missions and Mechanics
As it was with Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, you’ll be given a choice on which missions you’d like to undertake. As you customize your experience through your destination choices, you’ll find a slew of new missions that await.

Sky Shield
Early on you’ll have a chance to display protoss values as you put yourself in harm’s way to help terran forces in need. In Sky Shield, you’ll be assisting Jim Raynor and his terran forces as they attempt to repair a falling space platform. Take on enemy forces and secure several stabilizers for the terran army to repair.


For the full preview, click here.

Battle.net - Legacy of the Void: Campaign Preview

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