Blizzard recently announced a new partnership with Random House LLC to publish new novels set in Blizzard's various universes. While only novels for Warcraft and StarCraft were disclosed, the announcement did hint that there may be future plans for tales set in Blizzard's other IPs.

This new publishing line will launch in March 2016 with the novel World of Warcraft: Illidan by William King, followed by an original StarCraft novel by New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn.


This announcement marks the first true StarCraft novel since Heart of the Swarm's 2012 Flashpoint by Christie Golden. However, several other short stories have continued to be published on in the intervening years. The most recent of which was The Exit by Danny McAleese. Not only do expanded universe projects benefit the fans, they also provide yet another means for players to become engaged in the universe. For people already invested, additional transmedia works reinforce that loyalty and passion. Perhaps it is most fitting for StarCraft branded projects that they form and maintain such a unique and powerful symbiotic relationship. Abathur would likely approve of the elegant efficiency.



It appears that the StarCraft novel by Timothy Zahn will provide Blizzard an opportunity to push the story forward, past the StarCraft II game trilogy and focus on the aftermath of the Koprulu Sector as we have known it so far. Utilizing novels, with their limitless potential for world building, seems to be a good move by Blizzard to bridge the gap between the current story and whatever is next. Hopefully, the novel(s) will be long enough to provide serious depth, mature story lines, compelling characters. One of the developers once told us that the novels give the Blizzard the opportunity to illustrate a particular aspect of the story definitively. With fidelity to that vision and high caliber writing, quality StarCraft lore could live on beyond the games for years to come.

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