Playing through the first parts of the StarCraft II trilogy was rather inspiring.  With Wings of Liberty turning into a Raynor’s love story and Heart of the Swarm revenge for the Queen of Blades, many wondered if Blizzard could deliver on their promise to return to the dark world they built in the original StarCraft and its expansion Broodwar. As I walked over to a brightly displayed sign showcasing StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, a row of computers invited me to sit down and test the waters. There was no wait, a first for me at BlizzCon, to test out the waters. A sign of the lack of interest in the final expansion of StarCraft II perhaps, but I wanted to reserve judgment until after I played one of the two campaign missions. Watching the opening sequences, listening to the dialog and navigating the Spear of Adun brought me back to the world of StarCraft but somehow it all felt better. The dialog seemed richer and more engrossing. I found myself listening deeply to what the characters were saying and I realized why the final chapter of StarCraft II could return to its grand roots. This game wasn’t going to be just about a drunken commander in James Raynor or a hell bent revenge stopping at nothing for the Queen of blades. No, the final chapter is about the Protoss and their survival.

    Legacy of the Void focuses on the survival of the three races of StarCraft and the stopping of the dark one. The stakes are higher, fight to win and preserve the future of your race or die trying. There is no room for failure. The motivation for fighting goes beyond simple revenge or power and thereby makes the story that much more engrossing and compelling.

    Spoiler alert for those who want to be completely surprised by the coming of Legacy of the Void but I promise to not give too much. The two playable missions from BlizzCon happen fairly early in the campaign shortly after the fall of Aiur. As you may recall Aiur is in the hands of the Zerg and Artanis calls for all the different tribes to take back their homeworld as they he leads the Golden Armada.  The call to take back what rightfully belongs to them does not go ignored as Protoss from across the sector launch an all-out attack on Aiur to reclaim their home world from the savage Zerg. Not everything goes according to plan for our young executor. Through the course of unknown events, all of which will be explained in the first few campaign missions of Legacy of the Void, Artanis is his Golden Armanda are forced to flee as Amon and an army of Hybrids claim Aiur for themselves. Defeated but not destroyed, Artanis and the remaining Protoss lead the Spear of Adun lead a fight against what the Prophecy foretold. From here the two playable campaign missions are revealed from BlizzCon. Travel to Korhal to retrieve the Keystone Artifact from James Raynor (So that’s what Zertaul gave James back in Wings of Liberty) or reunite with the remaining Protoss on Shakuras.

    Regardless of the mission you choose, you are given the option to choose different units to call into battle. Similar to Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void gives you choices in what units you’ll bring into battle to stop your enemies. Enjoyed the versatility of the Stalker in StarCraft II or bring back the classic Dragoon from StarCraft: Broodwar. The choice is up to you. Upon landing on the planet, or platform depending on where the mission may take you, the power of the Spear of Adun is never far behind. With the touch of a button, or mouse click as it maybe, the Spear of Adun can unleash an attack anywhere on the map or for the more tactical commander, summon a pylon to reinforce your current position with the power of Warp Gates.

    Blizzard is setting up StarCraft II to be what many of us expected it to be from the beginning; an epic tale of war, betrayal and survival in space. How will the story end? Only Blizzard knows but if the two missions are any indication of what Blizzard has in store for Legacy of the Void I can tell you this, I’ll be enjoying every minute of it.

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