Editor's Note: Novels from before 2006 are ignored. This article uses the broad definition of retcon, which includes direct contradictions as well as changes in how previous facts were interpreted by fans. Have something we missed? Send extra retcons to gradius[at]sclegacy.com. See our Retcon Analysis article for a more in-depth discussion of the following retcons.

StarCraft and Brood War Retcons

The Overmind did not have free will, and was corrupted by the Dark Voice.1

Tassadar never died, and he claims he never will. He survives in "the beyond".1

Most of the characters that were played by the player in StarCraft didn't exist, as they were all “plot holes”. The Mar Sara magistrate existed but had almost no interaction with James Raynor.2 The Zerg Cerebrate existed but didn't go to Aiur and instead was killed by Tassadar on Char. Artanis was the StarCraft executor.3

Protoss only fought on the surface of Tarsonis as opposed to a space battle.2,4

Protoss death animations are actually the Protoss warping back to a safe haven.5

Duke was a colonel before the standoff at Mar-Sara.2

Taldarin’s time in stasis and time since he fought with Adun are much shorter.6

The canonical version of Enslavers is where the Protoss forces kill Schezar and destroy the EMP generator.6

Char was actually one of the thirteen core worlds of the Confederacy.7 In StarCraft: Queen of Blades it was “unexplored” and Jim Raynor named the planet himself. In StarCraft there was no indication that Char was previously settled by Terrans.

The Protoss tech level at the Aeon of Strife has changed. Before, the Protoss commanded advanced technology but lost it during the strife. Now, the Protoss have always been at a stone age level - until the golden age of expansion.8

The Protoss use sunlight for food as opposed to the energy source where they draw their powers from i.e. Khala & Void.8

Protoss can no longer communicate with their deceased at the Templar Archives.5

The death-toll for the nuking of Korhal was 4 million according to the StarCraft manual, and the nukes were launched from Tarsonis. In StarCraft: Uprising, the death toll has been retconned to 35 million, and the nukes were launched from orbiting Battlecruisers.

StarCraft II-Related Retcons

The downsizing of the Odin to the more practical Thor is credited to Rory Swann in Wings of Liberty, though pilots such as Sandin Forst in the "Thundergod" short story already operated Thors two years before according to the Heaven’s Devils timeline.

The Tal'Darim were originally Protoss that Ulrezaj specifically manipulated on Aiur in a cave with a topical drug called sundrop.8 In Wings of Liberty, this faction, instead of numbering to be a handful, is spread across multiple worlds and doesn't suffer the expected symptoms of sundrop (due to their usage of Khala-using units).

Stalkers were trapped within Warp Gates on Aiur; neither existed when Aiur was abandoned.


Artanis's Nerve cords are cut short like a Dark Templar. Blizzard admitted the mistake, and the look is altered in StarCraft II.

A cinematic shows the Hyperion & Protoss Carriers warping in to Aiur in the wrong place. The fleet was supposed to have returned in the previous mission "Homeworld" and according to the pre-mission text.

Zeratul is referred to as a Praetor in the StarCraft manual and in StarCraft: Queen of Blades, but he is referred to as a Prelate in StarCraft. Blizzard has decided on the rank of Prelate for Zeratul on their starcraft2.com biography for him as well as in Wings of Liberty.


Earth is 60000 light years away.

Tarsonis, Umoja, Moria & Korhal can't all be in the same star system, as it is according to the StarCraft manual.

The population of people in the Koprulu Sector is too high to be realistic given the small amount of people that came there from the supercarriers.

The UED did not have their own tech tree and they came to the Koprulu Sector in a standard Terran battlecruiser (The Aleksander).


Queen of Blades Retcons

  • The StarCraft mission "Eggression" never happened in Queen of Blades. The Protoss did not attempt to stop the Zerg as they left Tarsonis's orbit (pg. 6). The book does mention that Protoss forces were fighting the Zerg on the ground though.
  • In the original game Kerrigan was being incubated in a Chrysalis up until the "Agent of the Swarm" mission, and it suggested that Kerrigan was in her Chrysalis the entire time. Queen of Blades did narrate the parts where she was spirited away in a young Chrysalis, and later hatched in a mature Chrysalis. However, in Queen of Blades, Kerrigan showed Raynor in his dreams that she was trying to run away from the Zerg on Char, suggesting that she was regularly outside of the Chrysalis, walking around (pg. 17).
  • According to StarCraft2.com, Char was one of the thirteen Terran core worlds. In Queen of Blades, it's an obscure planet that Matt Horner could barely find in the Hyperion's planets database (pg. 22). Jim Raynor also named the planet himself (pg. 27).
  • In Raynor's Raiders, Tassadar's army, and Zeratul's army there were no units or buildings outside of basic soldiers i.e. Marines, Zealots, and Dark Templar, respectively. Neither Tassadar nor Zeratul seemingly wore any kind of power suit or shielding. To hit air units, Tassadar used a sort of psionic whip. Kerrigan also had detection abilities, claiming to be able to sense Zeratul even though he was cloaked.
  • Queen of Blades claims that Duke and the rest of Alpha Squadron left Char shortly after "The Amerigo" mission novelization (pg. 108). However, Duke is still on Char in the "Choosing Sides" StarCraft mission. It is possible that he came back however, since "The Ambush" cinematic shows a Dominion reconnaissance detachment being destroyed.
  • The following lines took place in "The Culling" mission novelization, instead of where they originally were, in "The Dark Templar" StarCraft mission.

This shall be our battleground, O Queen. Face me here, and I will defeat you myself.

An illusion? Are you afraid to face me, Templar?

So long as you continue to be so predictable, O Queen, I need not face you at all. You are your own worst enemy.

  • In Queen of Blades, it was Daggoth's brood, not the unnamed cerebrate's, that destroyed the rampaging Garm Brood in the novelization of "The Culling" StarCraft mission.
  • The entire point of the "Dark Templar" StarCraft mission has been missed in its novelization. In StarCraft, Tassadar had presumably already learned how to use Dark Templar energies, hence the name of the mission, and why Zasz said "Kerrigan, I sense something strange about this Templar. Perhaps you should reconsider your attack." In Queen of Blades, Tassadar did not yet learn how to use Dark Templar energies, and didn't even meet Zeratul, so that line was unnecessary in the book.
  • The following line did not occur:

For now we must ensure that the Dark Templar can cause no more harm. Cerebrate, you shall set a trap for our foes. Kerrigan will lead them to you.

Instead, Kerrigan decided that she would hunt down the Protoss herself, as opposed to setting a trap like in the original game. Meanwhile, the rest of the swarm left the planet, which contradicts with the timing of their leave in the original StarCraft, which was seemingly after the "Eye for an Eye" mission, not before.

  • The "Eye for an Eye" mission novelization had the ending reversed. In Queen of Blades, it was Kerrigan and her broods who got trapped at the bottom of a canyon, not the Protoss.
  • The unnamed cerebrate is killed, and takes no part in the invasion of Aiur. It's possible though that the cerebrate who partook in the invasion of Aiur was Araq, whose brood color was also purple.
  • Artanis is the Protoss executor player-character of StarCraft.
  • Artanis and Aldaris rescued Tassadar and Raynor on the planet's surface instead of a space platform like in the original StarCraft, which, in retrospect, makes more sense since Tassadar and Raynor were supposed to be trapped.
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