Xel'Naga Storyline Projection 2: Twilight

With the release of the third book of the Dark Templar Saga - Twilight, the nature of the mysterious "cycle" that underpins all StarCraft mythos has finally been revealed. In StarCraft: Legacy's previous Xel'Naga Storyline Projection article we correctly extrapolated that Duran is not necessarily allied with the Xel'Naga, and that the Xel'Naga have no need to be antagonists in the upcoming sequel. The purpose of this article is to act as a comprehensive primer for all currently known Xel'Naga mythology in the StarCraft universe. Joining us as guest columnist is fellow lore enthusiast and administrator at the StarCraft Wiki, Kimera757 aka. PsiSeveredHead. In this article, we will analyze and distill the repercussions of the Xel'Naga's cycle, as well as discuss many common lore questions related to it.

starcraft 2 xel'naga storyline projection twilight




Xel'Naga "Servants"


starcraft 2 xel'naga storyline projection twilight



Xel'Naga Cycle and Purity of Essence and Form

The mysterious cosmic cycle is simply the Xel'Naga's means of prolonging their existence.1 Throughout cosmic time, the Xel'Naga manipulate the two species using their knowledge of protogenetics, and the two species eventually merge to become the next incarnation of Xel'Naga, who are again reborn. This cycle has shaped so much of the cosmos that it can be seen as a natural process in and of itself. The preserver Zamara stressed that the Xel'Naga were not looking for hosts, and the process is extremely noninvasive to the two subject species. This cycle is a passive retcon of sorts, because while the Protoss thought that they were failed creations, as it indeed claims in the manual, which could perhaps have been written from the Protoss' point of view, it turns out the Xel'Naga were simply done with the Protoss when they abandoned Aiur.2

The cycle requires two purities, essence and form, to be merged into one species. These purities are an aspect of the Xel'Naga physiology. Purity of form is most likely exemplified by things such as natural speed, strength or vitality, something that the Protoss possess. Purity of essence most likely refers to the unity of a race via telepathy, such as the Zerg's hive mind. The Zerg had purity of essence from the beginning, and the Xel'Naga then created the Overmind in order to preserve the purity of essence. The Protoss' communal link indicated that they also had purity of essence; however, it wasn't good enough for the Xel'Naga.3 It is important to note that the Xel'Naga were trying to engineer the Protoss to not just have one of the purities they were seeking, but both, because attaining the two purities in one species is akin to a "hole in one," as the progress of the cycle would speed up considerably. As soon as it was clear that this wouldn't be happening with the Protoss, the Xel'Naga left, and indeed, in that sense, the Protoss could be considered a "failed" creation.

One might wonder why the Xel'Naga can't simply reproduce sexually or asexually as many other species do, and why this cycle is even necessary, considering that the Xel'Naga are not looking for hosts. The answer might lie in the purity of essence; though the Xel'Naga might not seek to invade others' bodies, perhaps they might still want to retain knowledge, whether individual or not, through a race's purity of essence, such as the Zerg hive mind or the Khala, which we already know is used to store information in the form of memories.



Method of Species' Natural Merging

The exact method of the two species' natural merging via the cycle is a difficult concept - one that the Protoss preserver Zamara could not describe with mere words or even thoughts, as if it were beyond our ken. At first glance, it seems like the Xel'Naga were just creating the Protoss to be fed to the Zerg via assimilation. Zerg assimilation isn't necessarily "natural" or "proper." Zamara implied this, by saying the Zerg killing off the Xel'Naga would prevent a natural reunion, and also saying there was nothing of the natural cycle in the hybrids, and that they wouldn't be Xel'Naga, but she also claimed that the Protoss as they are now would not be harmed. It seems however that the "as they are now" phrase was shoehorned in there, and that the Xel'Naga did in fact intend for the Protoss to be assimilated into the swarm. We do know the Zerg haven't managed to assimilate Protoss, except that one-off event in the Creep short-story. There was nothing preventing the Zerg from going crazy and wiping out all life as Tassadar put in the original StarCraft. But this is admittedly a bit theoretical. Possibly the Xel'Naga would have taught the Zerg how to assimilate the Protoss properly, or after much more evolution the Zerg would overcome that barrier. It's possible that the Xel'Naga attempted to control the Overmind to prevent the Zerg from becoming too "greedy" for the Protoss, which would then enable the two races to "naturally" merge.

The Zerg were only intended to hold one half of the Xel'Naga physiology within themselves, that being their purity of essence. But the Overmind destroyed the Xel'Naga over Zerus and assimilated them into the Swarm. Apart from throwing the entire cycle into turmoil, what other kinds of complications did this cause, if any? Remember that the Xel'Naga's previous incarnations were also created via Xel'Naga protogenetics, possibly making their genetics also compatible with Zerg or Protoss genetics. In addition, these previous incarnations must have had both purity of essence and form as well. The least exciting scenario here is that the Overmind was not capable of fully unlocking the absorbed Xel'Naga's genome, with their DNA being useless.

zerg Protoss

It was also mentioned earlier that the Protoss showed signs of both purities as well, the "hole in one" of the Xel'Naga's experiments. So the Protoss could be capable of both purities by themselves, without the need to merge with another species, and the Zerg have the previous "perfect" Xel'Naga forms in their gene pool. Would this combination then, of Protoss and Zerg, be far more powerful than any of the Xel'Naga's previous incarnations? This could be an excellent motive for the creation of the Zerg/Protoss hybrid.

Infested Protoss

The Overmind's plan was to merge the Zerg and Protoss' purity of essence and form into one race, a race that would have been by his standards, perfect.5 However, the Overmind never seemed to have assimilated any Protoss.6 New evidence from StarCraft: Legacy's Metzen interview indicates that perhaps Protoss can be infested.7 There seems to be lots of confusion on this matter. The only given explanation for why the Protoss couldn't be infested was due to the Khala (StarCraft: Frontline: Creep). Perhaps if the Zerg had been patient they would have evolved or been given the "keys" to the Protoss genome.

It is also key to point out the difference between infestation and assimilation. Infestation can be done with virtually anything, but the results aren't always great, with the infested being usually turning into a slavering zombie. Assimilation, or what the Overmind was attempting to do with the Protoss, is unlocking an entire race's genome and incorporating it into the Zerg's own gene pool. This is by no means a trivial process, which is probably why the Overmind did not succeed in assimilating the Protoss before he got destroyed.

Remnants of the Xel'Naga and Their Relics

Did any Xel'Naga survive the Zerg assault over Zerus? The Xel'Naga were actually already close to the end of their cycle when they were experimenting with the Protoss and Zerg, which was many millenia ago, so there are likely no Xel'Naga who survived to the present day in the StarCraft universe. The StarCraft manual indicates that not all of the Xel'Naga were destroyed over Zerus.8 However, it doesn't say whether or not all the Xel'Naga were actually at Zerus. Though it's possible there were some other splinter groups not with the main fleet, it's extremely unlikely that any Xel'Naga would have survived the Zerg assault over Zerus.

Possible Xel'Naga Artifact?

Would any remaining Xel'Naga have planned on revenge then? If so, were these the same Xel'Naga that designed the temple of Shakuras that seems to destroy only Zerg? Some of the temples have been described as "wild" while others are more "structured". It's possible that these may have been built by different factions of the Xel'Naga. A few survivors may have preserved themselves in order to oversee the next incarnation, seemingly contrary to the usual method since their usual plans have been thrown into turmoil by the Zerg. This would also enable them to achieve revenge against the Zerg, or simply a safe refuge from them, by building a powerful anti-zerg weapon on Shakuras. The Xel'Naga temple was suggested to be designed to kill Zerg.9

What is the Purpose of the Artifacts?

In the upcoming StarCraft: Frontline Volume 4 story "Voice in the Darkness," a telepathic scientist working on a Xel'Naga artifact claims that it told her a great many things, and that she was the key to unlocking it. When she unlocked the artifact, its call resonated across the planets.10 As a part of the "Old Rivals" intro cinematic, Kerrigan also asks Zeratul whether he can "hear them whispering from the stars".

A pressing question is what part of the Xel'Naga, other than purity of essence and form, transfers between incarnations? It's like they lose out on a lot of technology and knowledge this way. Do they have some sort of update center? It could be the artifacts. Perhaps exposing the hybrids to the artifacts would give them Xel'Naga memories and cause them to become sane and relatively benevolent ... and if so, selling the artifacts to the Moebius Foundation is not a good idea. Some of the artifacts may be memory transfer devices, enabling the Xel'Naga to pass information from one incarnation to another. If so, whoever controls them may be able to control the next incarnation of the Xel'Naga ... or possibly the hybrids. If so, collecting the artifacts may become critical in determining whether the hybrids will be villainous or not.

What are the Energy Creatures?

The energy beings hatched from "wild" Xel'Naga temples are organic phoenix-like creatures with tentacles that cannot contain their internal energy and shine very brightly. They are extremely powerful, capable of absorbing any attack thrown at them and are said, by Judicator Amdor, to have greater mental power than the combined Protoss race (Shadow of the Xel'Naga).

We've seen the mysterious energy creatures do two different things:
1) In Shadow of the Xel'Naga, grab Protoss and Zerg DNA and carry it away to who knows where. Perhaps this creature is still alive, visiting some other Xel'Naga temple or site.
2) In Dark Templar Saga: Twilight, seemingly sacrifice themselves to create a wormhole which Zeratul entered.

What is on the other side of the wormhole the creatures created? Unfortunately, it could be anything. A popular but erroneous theory is that it leads to the caverns of Aiur, which Kerrigan expressed interest in revisiting, and it would lead directly into the StarCraft II intro cinematic fight of Zeratul vs. Kerrigan in the caverns. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. Kerrigan was still directing the battle of Ehlna from Char, and in StarCraft: Legacy's July 20, 2009 Metzen Interview, Chris Metzen claimed that the Dark Templar Saga is "many months if not a year before StarCraft II."

So what could the true purpose of these powerful energy creatures be? Quite honestly, any guess at this point is a shot in the dark, but it's possible that their purpose is to form an intergalactic portal. The Xel'Naga have the ability to move from one galaxy to another, something hideously slow even with faster-than-light travel, and the Xel'Naga were always good at biotech.

Zamara's Knowledge Sources

How did Zamara come to have this knowledge of the cycle? The most likely explanation is that she scanned Khas's direct memories; he got a lot of knowledge from the Xel'Naga AI, and he didn't have to spread everything he knew. She said very few had this knowledge - "a truth that has been shared with only a select handful throughout our long history." She confirmed that this information came from the memories (Twilight, 213).

StarCraft 2 Caverns

Zamara claimed that the Conclave knew what she knew as well (Twilight, 86). Naturally, since the Conclave is dead, it was left to the preservers to pass the information on. If the Conclave knew this info, it could explain why they were so desperate to destroy the Zerg, even to the point of eradicating the Terrans.

In What Way Were the Xel'Naga "Sleeping"?

The Xel'Naga may have been "asleep" in the genetic code of the Protoss and the DNA, which could explain how they were "reflected in the creature within that cell". Also, Xel'Naga are long-lived, but not immortal.

An anonymous informant once emailed StarCraft2forum.org with a supposed lore leak:

"According to an anonymous e-mail the Xel'Naga will play a similar lore role to the Old Gods from World of WarCraft who were imprisoned for a long period of time before being freed. They will supposedly seek revenge upon the Zerg for the destruction they have wreaked on the Universe."11

Now, the validity of this claim cannot be verified, and it should be taken with a grain of salt at best, but the informant has apparently been correct in other matters before. Also, it's interesting to note that this information surfaced way before Dark Templar Saga: Twilight was published, and it also agreed with our previous predictions that the Xel'Naga do not necessarily act as antagonists in StarCraft II, which was confirmed in the novel.

Furthermore, the upcoming Frontline story "Voice in the Darkness" mentioned in our "What is the purpose of the artifacts?" section does indeed point to what could be an imprisoned Xel'Naga entity inside an artifact. In the story, the Moebius Foundation activates an artifact at KL-2. Whatever is released, the "voice in the darkness" possesses them. There were about 50 people at the site, but only 25 bodies were found.

A team of Dark Templar led by Azimar travels there. He is accompanied by two other named characters, Jarzul and Ty'lak. Jarzul scouts, only to be spotted, despite cloaking, by the scientist Hassan, who kills him. Azimar and Ty'lak attack Hassan. They cut off his hand but Hassan injures Ty'lak's eye and "pukes" on him. When they defeat Hassan, the Voice says through Hassan that it "wears many guises".

Azimar warns the Dark Templar that only their mental training lets them resist, and not to lose themselves. The Dark Templar attack the central facility. After killing everyone but Morrigan, the Voice communicates with Ty'lak, telling him he would give him power and "make him whole" if he would give his soul. It tells him the Xel'Naga are false gods, and wouldn't kill anything, not even the Voice, instead locking it up. The Voice possessed Ty'lak starts kicking ass while the possessed Morrigan boasts. However, Ty'lak frees himself from possession, kills Morrigan and sacrifices himself, using an Argus crystal to "re-seal" the Voice. The explosion kills him and presumably the Voice.

As Azimar leaves, though, the Voice talks to him. In short, the Voice is Cthulhu. It is a part of the Void. It cannot maintain itself in a Terran for a long period of time, so it considers the Protoss to be superior "food". Also, by possessing living beings, it increases its own power, enabling it to break free from its prison. It considers itself the one true god.

While Duran could theoretically be possessed by this thing, it seems to have no connection with the hybrids, and if Duran is a Terran he couldn't be possessed for long. This does however, sound alot like the power that has slept for countless ages which Duran was referring to, and which he could be a servant of.

Who is Coming Back - Xel'Naga or Hybrids? What is Their Nature?

Zeratul seemed a bit unsure about the difference between hybrids and Xel'Naga, and said he wasn't forgiving about how they manipulated the Protoss for their own benefit. Zamara suggests that what Zeratul saw was not being directed by the Xel'Naga.4 Zeratul then tells about Dark Origin. Even after Zamara told Zeratul that the Xel'Naga were a benevolent race, Zeratul had gone to check Zamara's "assumptions".17 After Zeratul had done a bit of investigating, he winds up in certain caverns at the start of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, and he is still not sure of the Xel'Naga's nature.12 Afterwards, sometime into the Wings of Liberty campaign, Zeratul finds Jim Raynor and tells him what he knows, but still doesn't reveal the Xel'Naga's nature from what little is known.13

So are the Xel'Naga allies or foes? If the cosmic cycle is so natural and right, as Zamara believes, then why does Zeratul bring tidings of doom? At this point, given the knowledge from Twilight, it's highly likely that the Xel'Naga are friendly, and that Zeratul is simply referring to the hybrids in the preceding quote. It is also likely that Zeratul is confused because there might be two different Xel'Naga factions which take an opposing stance to their subjects' welfare: one faction might stress that subjects should not be harmed and that natural evolution should be impeded on only as necessary, and another, more egocentric faction, might wish to speed up the cycle by creating hybrids in order to benefit the superior Xel'Naga race, regardless of the harm brought to other species. However, this is actually pretty unlikely now. Given the nature of the Xel'Naga - benevolence, and purity of essence - it is doubtful that a Xel'Naga would go against the wishes of the race and harm their subjects.

Nature of the Anakh Su'n

The Dark Templar have a legend that says Adun will return to the Protoss people, which will herald a great crisis. They believe that Adun saved the Dark Templar from the Conclave in order to keep them from making a terrible mistake which would prevent the Protoss' unification forever. Adun used both Khala and Void energies to save the Dark Templar, but instead of dying, they believe Adun crossed to another plane of existence. Certain signs will herald the Anakh Su'n's coming, and Zeratul claims that these signs were seen in both Adun and Tassadar (Dark Templar Saga: Twilight p. 139).


The main conclusion here seems to be that after a Protoss crosses into the "other plane of existence," he can cross right back by being reborn as another Protoss, albeit without his old memories. Adun and Tassadar are both "Twilight Deliverers". They both saved their people from harm using twilight energies. It's possible they both died the same way; Tassadar might have burnt himself out like Adun. Adun and Tassadar have similar personalities - strong, sympathetic, etc. Both are powerful psychics who were "naturals" at using both Khala and Void energies. So it's possible that Adun and Tassadar shared the same spirit. In StarCraft: Legacy's Metzen Interview - Lore Exclusive, Chris Metzen nodded to the possibility that Tassadar's spirit still endures:

SC:L - And last, for our own curiosity - you referred to Tassadar as a "twilight messiah" during the lore panel on BlizzCon - is there ever a chance of seeing his return in some form or another?

Metzen - What goes around comes around. You know our Blizzard heroes: they roll back from the brink of death more often than the original X-Men. Seriously, though -- given what the Khala is, and some of the other upcoming themes we've devised -- it's probable that Tassadar's spirit is out there somewhere. However, I wouldn't count on his pulling a "Medivh" any time soon... (if ever).

It seems that the Anakh Su'n is exactly the theme that Chris was referring to here.

Zeratul claimed that he thought another manifestation of the Anakh Su'n would come soon. But Tassadar only died four years ago - so how could the Anakh Su'n possibly appear in StarCraft II? The only options are that either Zeratul was mistaken about Tassadar, who was not a true manifestation of the Anakh Su'n, or that the Anakh Su'n is not bound by the constraints of time, which is itself only a single dimension of the universe. The latter option however seems more likely: the preserver Zamara herself claimed that time is not linear.

Xel'Naga "Servants"


Who is Duran working for?

Duran says the higher power he serves has been asleep for countless ages, and is reflected by the hybrid. This sounds a lot like the Xel'Naga, who had intended to be "reborn" in a natural Protoss/Zerg fusion. He told Zeratul that "this creature is the completion of a cycle. Its role in the cosmic order was preordained when the stars were young. Behold the culmination of your history," and also "your universe will be changed... forever." But is he actually creating new Xel'Naga? According to Zamara's information, he is not.14

Duran could be a servant of the "Voice in the Darkness," or another human posessed by a similar psionic entity. However, the Voice was a part of the void. It would not be, as Duran said, "reflected by the hybrids," which presumably use both void and Xel'Naga-given Khala energies. The Voice could have simply been a "one-off" story, and there could be another, more powerful, imprisoned psychic entity which possesses Duran.

- Theory 1: End of the Xel'Naga

Duran's words could mean he's trying to end the cycle, since he said the universe would be changed "forever". Why will creation of hybrids destroy the cycle forever? It is not that the hybrids would take the place of the Xel'Naga, but that if the hybrids aren't Xel'Naga, they might go crazy, as Tassadar figured, and they would kill off all the Protoss, which means no proper merging could ever occur. Basically, the hybrids would not know how to continue the cycle.

- Theory 2: Deluded Duran

The Xel'Naga might have wanted revenge on the Zerg, but for the Xel'Naga to be reborn, the Zerg must survive as well. It's possible Duran is a deluded alien, who thinks he's serving the Xel'Naga, honestly believing that the hybrids are the next incarnation of the Xel'Naga. If so, then why should he care if the Protoss and Zerg are both destroyed, if he believes the Xel'Naga have already returned?

Duran could be trying to recreate the Xel'Naga, in order to end one cycle and start a new one. However, if that's the case, his aim won't work, at least according to Zamara's information. So is Duran wrong? And if so, how is that possible? While Duran has been alive for "millennia", this doesn't necessarily mean he's ever met a Xel'Naga. We don't know where he got information from, and whether that information is flawed, incomplete, or perfect. Alternatively, he might realize his method is "wrong" but might be seeking the "closest" thing to a modern-day Xel'Naga.

Samir Duran

If Duran is working against the Xel'Naga, whoever he is, perhaps he has an extremely easy way of dealing with the Zerg, but not necessarily the Terran or the Protoss, kind of like the Xel'Naga temple on Shakuras? This would explain why Duran wanted the Zerg to win - because they could be taken care of with much less difficulty way down the road. This could also be a useful plot device which complicates the StarCraft II story by not making it so easy for Kerrigan to just "sweep the sector." It is likely that Duran allied with Kerrigan because he wanted to learn how the Overmind merged a race with the Zerg, so that he could properly create hybrids. This fits in with Duran's claim that "Kerrigan's rebirth into the swarm sped up my progress," and Zeratul's own prophecy about her19. Did Duran want Kerrigan to win? What if he didn't? What if, in addition to stealing the Overmind's research notes on how Kerrigan was made, he stuck with her until the second Overmind died, in order to prevent the second Overmind from leaking any secrets? The first Overmind absorbed numerous Xel'Naga, and that knowledge may have been accessible to the second Overmind.

Duran's Information

Given Duran's age, it's doubtful he could have spoken to any modern-day Protoss for information. It's also doubtful Duran could be a surviving Xel'Naga since they were already at the end of their lifespans when they were creating the Protoss/Zerg.

- 1st possibility: Possession

It's possible that the human known as Duran ran into a Xel'Naga artifact, which might have contained an imprisoned intelligence that altered or took control of his mind. In this case, Duran is effectively an energy fossil possessing a Terran's body. Duran's statement that "I've had many names throughout the millennia, young prodigal. You would know me best as Samir Duran." suggests this artifact or possessing spirit has hijacked numerous people over the years. The possessing spirit, not being an actual Xel'Naga, doesn't necessarily have complete information.

- 2nd possibility: Forbidden Lore

Alternatively, he could have gotten the information from a preserver or other information source, such as a non-sentient Xel'Naga artifact, a few thousand years ago. Again, the Protoss have only been as they are for two to three thousand years, enough time for him to call Zeratul "young". Alternatively, he could even have been a human from the Earth colonies, discovering an alien artifact there and arranging for himself to be transported to the Koprulu Sector. If that's the case, Duran could have discovered a method to greatly amplify his body's lifespan, biologically, or transferring his spirit, until he could gather the resources necessary to complete his plan. Zamara used the Xel'Naga Temple of Nemaka to transfer her life force into that of a Terran. While that's not its proper function, a being with greater knowledge of the technology could have done so on a regular basis.

- 3rd possibility: Created Servant

Duran could be a literal servant of the Xel'Naga, created as a shapeshifter or possessing minion. Again as a servant he didn't necessarily have correct information or could simply be deluded. The Xel'Naga were gifted biologists with very long lifespans which could explain Duran's longevity. Duran would need to hide his true nature from any intelligent beings he interacted with which would explain the different names. Duran could also be working with a different Xel'Naga faction.


Ulrezaj is the most powerful Dark Archon in Protoss history comprised of the souls of seven Dark Templar. When Ulrezaj was young he gained forbidden knowledge at Ehlna. He intended to use the knowledge to empower the Dark Templar and gain revenge on the Protoss of Aiur (Twilight 228-230). Ulrezaj serves a being who is as if not more powerful than he is. Ulrezaj has access to non-Protoss/non-Xel'Naga technology perhaps Terran to keep his creatures (Shadow Hunters).

Ulrezaj used an artificial drug called Sundrop to enslave Khalai Protoss called the Tal'darim which changed their biochemistry. Ulrezaj also used a Xel'Naga AI during this task. Sundrop was found in the Xel'Naga temple of Shakuras although that doesn't mean it was originally from there.18 The Tal'darim is a large organization found on multiple planets. They are the Protoss fanatics which Raynor fights. These fanatics guard several alien artifacts.15 Though it's strange that the Tal'darim are found on multiple planets since they were apparently supposed to have originated on Aiur and were made up of stranded Protoss it's possible that Ulrezaj named them himself and "Tal'darim" is simply the name he assigns to any of his servants favoring this term instead of the former "Fist of Ulrezaj."


Ulrezaj created Khaydarin crystals consisting of Dark Templar and Zerg energy in Enslavers II. He wanted to create "enhanced Zerg" to drop onto Shakuras. Later Ulrezaj worked on those strange "vat creatures" in Dark Templar Saga: Shadow Hunters. Zamara equates the vat creatures with hybrids to some extent and she implies twice actually that the creatures created by Ulrezaj are some sort of hybrid.16 Given Ulrezaj's previous experiments along those lines this is quite likely. The last we saw of the creatures they were lying in vats in the caves underneath Aiur while the Zerg invaded; the creatures could have been discovered by Zerg but the Zerg left pretty quickly to give chase to Ulrezaj.

Also note how Ulrezaj went out of his way to kill the preservers who also knew the truth right after the death of the Conclave who may have known the truth too. Felanis himself takes center stage: we found out in Twilight that he was a Judicator (Twilight 52). One wonders if he knew something about the Xel'Naga beforehand since the Conclave knew much of what the preservers knew. Felanis seemed to be the only Tal'darim truly "in the know and was likely seduced by the power he could gain from joining Ulrezaj and his plans.



1. "The Xel'Naga have a cyclical lifestyle. Their lives are almost unfathomably long as we reckon such thing but they are finite beings. When the time comes that their existence is about to end they seek out two other species. Over time they manipulate and alter these species so that they separately form two halves of a whole. They seek purity--purity of form purity of essence. This time they chose the Protoss and the Zerg." - Dark Templar Saga: Twilight p. 214

2. "But the truth is the Xel'Naga were simply done with us [the Protoss]. They needed a second species ... the Zerg. This was no trial-and-error experimentation. The Xel'Naga knew exactly what they were doing. They had done this uncountable times before throughout millennia so numerous our minds can barely stretch to comprehend it. They were not inventing us; they were preparing us." - Dark Templar Saga: Twilight p. 213

3. In the Protoss section of the manual it claims that the Protoss' loss of their communal link was a sign of a conflict of essence: "Attempting to completely sever themselves from the rest of their race the Tribes began to lose the connection to their primal psychic link. This breakdown in the inherent empathy of the Protoss for one another did the most to dissolve the last remnants of unity and brotherhood amongst them. The severing of the psychic link was also the greatest sign to the Xel'Naga that the Protoss had tragically lost the most fundamental element of their greatness." - StarCraft Manual

In the Zerg section of manual it claims the Protoss' individuality led to a conflict of essence: "The Xel'Naga deemed that the purity of form they sought to create had been sullied by a conflict of essence and thus decreed that the Protoss were in fact a failed creation." - StarCraft Manual

4."But this time something went very wrong. The Xel'Naga were eliminated before they had completed their preparations by their own creations--the Zerg. Their careful plans--eons in the making--were thrown into turmoil. Zeratul... you have seen what has arisen in the vacuum." - Dark Templar Saga: Twilight p. 213-214

5. Overmind: "Now shall the events set into motion so long ago be made complete. For the Protoss too were created by the Xel'Naga. They were the first creation gifted with a purity of form. And we were the second creation blessed with a purity of essence. Indeed our two species are but opposite facets of a greater whole. Soon shall our two races be made as one. Thenceforth shall all feel the wrath of the eternal Swarm... For the hour of judgement is come!" - StarCraft Zerg Campaign Mission "Full Circle"

Zeratul: "The Zerg were indeed created by the ancient Xel'Naga the same beings that empowered us in our infancy. But the Overmind grew beyond their constraints and has at last come to finish the experiments they began so long ago"

Tassadar: "So you see my friends we fight not only to save Aiur but all creation! If we fall to the Zerg then the Overmind will run rampant throughout the stars consuming all sentience-all life. It is up to us to put an end to this madness once and for all." - StarCraft Protoss Campaign Mission "Shadow Hunters"

Infested Protoss: Dustin Browder: "Based on the lore the Protoss do not become infested. The combination of the two result in a hybrid race" - StarCraft2.net.pl Dustin Browder Interview

7. Can Protoss get infested?

Metzen -I'm trying to think if there are specific fictional answers to that I could have sworn we had a story or two like that in the manga recently. But I'm spacing out... I feel like I wanna take the 5th on that too. It's a weird one. Off the top of your head you'd think "sure!"

I read something about them using their psionic ability to negate it?

Metzen -
I'm not so sure about that. These days with so much being written I'm not so on top of it all - if you could say I ever was - all the little ins and outs. That question runs to the core of what the mythology is it is a question that will haunt us for the next four years it's part of the DNA of what StarCraft really is. There isn't a really satisfactory way of answering that at this time.

- July 20 2009 Metzen Interview

8. "As the greater whole of the Xel'Naga race was consumed by the raging genetic whirlwind of the Zerg the Overmind gained the knowledge and insights of its masters." - StarCraft Manual

9. "Artanis and Zeratul carried the crystals to the temple's summit channeled the temple's vast energies and obliterated all Zerg on Shakuras." - StarCraft2.com - Story so Far

Schezar: "Ulrezaj was going to disrupt your communications and shields with the EMP device and use the chaos to drop his genetically enhanced Zerg upon Shakuras. He hoped that the Dark Templar would run and hide in their secret places while the Templar from Aiur would be caught out in the open. Without the EMP device I imagine he will still follow though with the other half of the plan and drop his enhanced Zerg to run amok across your world"

Zeratul: "He is mad"

Schezar: "Yup he sure is. He'll be bringing new Zerg onto his space station via a Warp Gate that's connected to his base on Char. Once the Zerg reach his space station he will be moving them to his genetics stations where the warped Khaydarin crystals will transform them into more powerful strains. They will be enhanced with so much Dark Templar energy that they'll probably be able to resist the effects of the Xel'Naga temple on Shakuras." - StarCraft Enslavers II

10. "It spoke to me and told me a great many things. It told me that this place is a prison that this crystal is the lock and that I was the key. Now the veil between this world and the next shall be torn asunder and the prisoner shall be set free. Let the whisper become a shout!" - StarCraft: Frontline Volume 4 Preview Scans

11. Starcraft2Forum.org - Xel'Naga Playable in StarCraft 2?

12. Zeratul: "The Zerg Swarm came as was foretold. And the Protoss firstborn of the gods rose to fight them. Now the Xel'Naga that forged us all are returning. But do they come to save... or to destroy?" - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty "Old Rivals" Intro

13. Zeratul: "I bring tidings of doom...The Xel'Naga return. The cycle nears its end... The artifacts are the key-to the end of all things." - Starcraft II Blizzcon 2007 - Storymode Walkthrough

14. Zamara: "What you saw Zeratul and what perhaps we also beheld in the caverns is something else entirely. Something very wrong something that should not be."
Jake Ramsey: "Someone has got the arrogance - or the stupidity - to try to mess with the Xel'Naga. And if they succeed--"
Zamara: "The Xel'Naga will not be reborn. Instead a monstrous and powerful perversion of both Protoss and Zerg will be set loose upon the universe and all that we know and cherish will fall in their wake." (Twilight 216)

15. July 20 2009 Wings of Liberty Single Player Info

16. "No. Those--things--are truly abominations. There is nothing in them of the natural cycle of the Xel'Naga. The Xel'Naga are implacable in their way but not to that extreme. What you saw Zeratul and what perhaps we also beheld in the caverns is something else entirely. Something very wrong something that should not be." (Twilight 217)

17. Zeratul: "There are some things too long pushed aside that I must investigate in order to strengthen Zamara's statements. I can add verification of some of her assumptions I believe. And the more we know the better armed we are." (Twilight236 after the conversation with Zamara 213-216.)

18. "And then joy leaped in Korlendir as he detected a familiar sweet cloying scent. He had come home indeed." (Twilight 65)

19. "Your coming has been foretold... You are part of the culmination. But not the end of it. You shall show the way the path that must be taken the realigning of old truths no longer valid. Yours is not the hand but your very existence provides necessary instruction." (StarCraft: Queen of Blades 209)


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