A new set of missions has been announced, featuring Nova as the main character.


The first set of mission packs is set to be released in Spring 2016.

Battle.net - Nova Covert Ops Announced!
YouTube - StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops

The launch trailer for Legacy of the Void has been released, showing some new footage.


YouTube - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Launch Trailer – Legacy

As Blizzard's James Waugh, Director of Story Development & Lead Writer for StarCraft II, recently announced at TwitchCon, there are five new StarCraft lore short stories currently in production. Today, Blizzard announced the release schedule for all five stories.



Blizzard has been slowly producing lore focused StarCraft short stories by various authors for several years now. The heaviest concentration of new material has consistently been released to build up hype leading up to the game launches and relevantly, these newest stories will all be published before Legacy of the Void drops on November 10, 2015. These Protoss-centric stories will likely endeavor to illustrate specific moments in their history, flesh out their culture and motivations in more detail, and act as a bridge between the previous games and what is to come in LotV. The last story, The Exit, by Danny McAleese was published on July 1, 2014.

Hopefully, these novellas will breathe some fresh air into the StarCraft lore and provide some great contextual clues for what is to come in Legacy of the Void. Check back after each short story's release for a brief summary and our review.

Twitter.com - @StarCraft - Legacy of the Void Short Stories Schedule
Battle.net - StarCraft II - The StarCraft Universe


Today during Blizzard's TwitchCon presentation, James Waugh, Director of Story Development & Lead Writer of Legacy of the Void, and Matt Morris, Legacy of the Void Lead Campaign Designer, revealed the full version of the animated short, StarCraft Reclamation teased at the WCS Season 3 Premier League Finals in Kraków, Poland on September 13. You can watch the reveal here.



The feature acts as a prequel to the beautiful Legacy of the Void opening cinematic that was also released at the WCS Season 3 finals a few weeks ago. Reclamation takes place on the eve of the Protoss' Golden Armada attempt to retake Aiur from the Zerg. In it, Artanis, Tassadar's protege and the Protoss Hierarch, contemplates his decision to invade Aiur and the typical burdens of leadership.


Artanis and Kaldaris


The short opens with Artanis contemplating the future in solitude. When Artanis' old friend, Khaldaris, the one-eyed Protoss Zealot featured in the intro cinematic, comes looking for him, Artanis shares his uncertainty of their current course. Lamenting the diminished number of Protoss that remain, he questions the wisdom of spending more lives to retake a relic of his race's past.


Aiur - Before the Fall


He muses whether the lost home world represents an ideal that is no longer practical or even desirable. Artanis recalls of the Aeon of Strife, the Dark Templar's choice to reject the Khala, and the Conclave's subsequent attempt to exterminate the rogue faction - members of their own species. He believes that Aiur's version of purity was the foundation of the Protoss' destruction. So enamored with their own infallibility, Aiur became a monument to the hubris that inevitably lead to their defeat at the hands of the Zerg. 




When challenged by his old friend, Kaldaris, the one-eyed Protoss Zealot featured in the intro cinematic, Kaldaris reminds him that there has been light throughout the darkness. He points out that Khas, the Protoss who introduced the Khala to the Protoss - thus ending the Aeon of Strife, forged order from the chaos. Kaldalis believes that retaking Aiur represents a new beginning for a united Protoss. He argues, that remaking Aiur as it could have been - how it could be - is worth dying for. He believes in it so much that he has volunteered to lead the vanguard and one of the first to step back on Aiur's sacred soil. He expects to perish in the attempt and in doing so provide a future for his people. Kaldaris epitomizes the ideal Protoss warrior and he is ultimately successful in convincing Artanis that Aiur is worth fighting for - it is worth dying for.

The short is elegantly animated, well scripted, and exquisitely voiced. It hits most of the major notes that many fans were hoping for, and ties-in wonderfully with the Protoss ethos. It is a compelling intro to all of the themes and Protoss characteristics that Blizzard has been saying they want to include in Legacy of the Void. If the material we have seen so far is any indication of Legacy of the Void's campaign story and dialogue, it could very well be the best of the trilogy - by far. Our only complaints regarding Reclamation revolve around missing references to Fenix, Tassadar, and Adun. Those warriors represent the very best of the Protoss, and all three, directly or indirectly, were major influences on Artanis. It would have been nice to have seen them included in Artanis' recollection. He has lost much and their deeds are as much a reflection of the Protoss as they are of who Artanis has become. However, Reclamation does do all of the right things and it is a wonderful tool to hype Legacy of the Void. As Blizzard continues to explore new ways to effectively continue the StarCraft story, short vignettes like this are, in our opinion, an excellent option - more, please.

Battle.net - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Reclamation
Twitch.tv - TwitchCon 2015 - Blizzard Announcement
YouTube.com - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Reclamation

A few months ago Blizzard announced the StarCraft Field Manual, a standalone reference book focused on the lore of the various units, races, and notable characters in the StarCraft universe. Published by Insight Editions, the book has been designed as a standard issue field guide for Terran Marines. Battle worn, the primer includes "handwritten" annotations from its previous owner that provide practical and humorous commentary on the manual's content.

The book includes details on both old and new units, general overviews of the races, as well as a wealth of original illustrations and charts. The StarCraft Field Manual follows the blueprint first utilized by Blizzard in the 2011 Diablo: Book of Cain and the 2013 Diablo: Book of Tyreal. Similar in design, the source books are all are written in-universe and expand on the game's world from a particular point of view.


Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft saga has captivated millions of players worldwide since its initial release in 1998. A genre-defining military strategy and sci-fi adventure, gamers are drawn to StarCraft’s iconic central characters, Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor, and its thrilling storyline chronicling the battle between the scrappy Terrans, mystifying Protoss, and terrifying Zerg swarm.
Published in anticipation of the latest expansion, Legacy of the Void, StarCraft Field Manual draws on more than a decade’s worth of lore to create an all-encompassing collector’s item for fans, filling in every detail of the game’s extensive tech, races, and units.
A visually distinctive, in-world overview of the entire StarCraft franchise, this unique book unveils new details about the wide range of combat forces and technology employed by each of the three primary races within the game universe. A definitive field-guide, original illustrations pair with an engaging narrative that showcases all of the vital statistics, origins, lore, and other interesting facts that have emerged in each expansion.

Lore fans have been waiting years for additional, definitive, detailed lore. This product promises to be enrich our understanding of the StarCraft universe and provide an impressive amount of content for fans to draw on.

One extremely cool and interesting detail about the field manual is that Robear, a StarCraft Legacy community member, actually designed and drew the unit scale charts included in the finished field manual. What started as one fan's passion project is actually being published in a canon StarCraft lore compendium. If you're interested in learning more, you can check out the nearly four year evolution of the project here. Robear has our congratulations and our sincerest gratitude for his devotion to the StarCraft lore and community.

The hardcover StarCraft Field Manual will retail for $39.99 and will be available November 17, 2015 - one week after Legacy of the Void launches. However, a special edition of the book will be included in the physical Legacy of the Void Collector's Edition.

James Waugh, Blizzard's Director of Story Development & Lead Writer for StarCraft II, will be signing copies of the StarCraft Field Manual at the 2015 New York Comic Con (October 8-11, 2015). If you have the opportunity to attend the signing, we highly recommend it. We've had the pleasure of discussing StarCraft with Mr. Waugh several times and it is clear he has true passion for the lore.

Sat. October 10 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM | Booth # 1765

Be sure to check back for our review of the book once it is available.

Insight Editions - StarCraft Field Manual
Amazon.com - StarCraft Field Manual
StarCraft Legacy Forums - Unit Pictures
NYCC - James Waugh "StarCraft Book Signing"

LotV at TwitchCon 2015

As November 10th draws ever closer, and any new information regarding Legacy of the Void is only fueling the hype. In one week, fans will have another opportunity to learn about the Protoss expansion. On Friday, September 25 Blizzard will broadcast an exclusive Legacy of the Void presentation at Twitch.tv's inaugural convention, TwitchCon. Blizzard has announced that during its TwitchCon event, the following Legacy of the Void information will be divulged:

  • All new Legacy of the Void video features
  • New details surrounding the co-op missions gameplay mode
  • A rundown on what’s to come from the game developers

If you're interested in checking out the new information, here are the event details:

Time: Friday, September 25 at 11:15 A.M PDT
Stream: twitch.tv/twitch
Where: Kappa Theater

TwitchCon is the streaming site's first ever convention celebrating the streamers and viewers that power the massive broadcasting site. A select number of exhibitions and special events, such as the Battle of the CEOs, will be taking place throughout the weekend. The event runs from September 25-26, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

StarCraft Legacy will be covering the event; so if you're unable to attend the event at the Kappa Theater or watch the live broadcast, check back here to see all of the new information announced with commentary.

Battle.net - Legacy of the Void at TwitchCon!
TwitchCon 2015

StarCraft: Reclamation

During the premiere of the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void cinematic at the WCS Season 3 Premier League Finals in Kraków, Poland, Chris Sigaty, Lead Producer of StarCraft II, teased fans with the announcement of StarCraft Reclamation. Dropping later this month, Reclamation, a short animated feature in the strain of the Warlords of Draenor: Lords of War animated series, will tell the story of the Protoss leading up to the invasion of Aiur.


The Lords of War animated series debuted in the weeks leading up to the release of Word of Warcraft's fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Animated in a dark, raw, manga style not usually associated with Blizzard's games, the series served as an introduction to various characters featured in the impending game. Unusually, but welcomed, the series almost exclusively focused on the lore and backstory. Overall, the shorts proved to be a popular and effective way to expand the lore outside of the games.

In the past several years, Blizzard has been experimenting with different types of transmedia campaigns to add depth to their worlds. For example, leading up to the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard published StarCraft: Project Blackstone, a lore focused event delivered via Twitter and a secret "classified" website. While the campaign was well coordinated and presented an unusual perspective in the StarCraft universe, until the project was declassified, it provided difficult to consume. In the current climate of visual media dominance, the shorts have provided another avenue for Blizzard to explore - both creatively and efficiently. Aside from the games themselves and various novels published over the years, there have been relatively few lore focused events or products. Hopefully, Reclamation will be successful and will confirm that the fan base is both ready and willing to support larger lore focused projects.

Based on the teaser trailer, it appears that Reclamation, will provide additional insight into pivotal moments in the Protoss' history, such as the Aeon of Strife, the coming of Adun, and the severing of the Dark Templar's nerve cords, or it will illustrate the great struggles of the past that now repeat themselves as Artanis tries to reunite the tribes in Legacy of the Void. Either way, the information presented will likely complement the final campaign's story.

Twitch.tv - Legacy of the Void - Cinematic and Street-Date Reveal Event
Warlords of Draenor - Game Guide - Lords of War
Battle.net - Project Blackstone: Declassified
Battle.net - Project Blackstone

LotV Reveal Date

Today during the WCS Season 3 Premier League Finals in Kraków, Poland, Blizzard revealed that Legacy of the Void, the final chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy, will officially launch on November 10, 2015. Our long wait is almost over, just two days after BlizzCon 2015, the Protoss expansion will conclude the StarCraft story lines that began almost 18 years ago. In addition to the Protoss campaign and new multiplayer units, Legacy of the Void, available as a standalone game, includes major new features, including Archon Mode, Allied Commander, and automated tournaments.

Blizzard has also been very vocal about the improvements it has been making to the new player experience. The new progression system that guides novices through the various game modes, gradually introducing them to more complex parts of the game, will hopefully act as a source of fresh blood into the amazing and passionate StarCraft community for years to come. While Legacy of the Void is the last announced expansion for StarCraft II, Blizzard has been very clear that this isn't the end of the StarCraft mythos, just the end of the current story threads. Additionally, their commitment to supporting the game well into the future is well documented.

While no official launch celebrations have been announced yet, in typical Blizzard fashion, it is likely that there will be some spectacular events around the globe to celebrate the game's launch. As various events are announced, StarCraft Legacy will keep you updated.

Battle.net - Legacy of the Void Launches 11/10 - Watch the Cinematic now!

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Cinematic

In a special feature segment during the WCS Season 3 Premier League Finals in Kraków, Poland, Blizzard revealed the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void intro cinematic. Among the Protoss ruins on Aiur, the cinematic depicts an intense battle between a small party of Protoss warriors and an overwhelming Zerg force.

It provides a rare glimpse of the the raw power, generally only seen in the lore, that the Protoss wield. Throughout the short clip, the determination and resiliency of the Protoss are artfully illustrated. In StarCraft: Brood War, the Judicator Aldaris articulated the importance of Aiur to the Protoss' identity:

"... the Protoss do not run from their enemies. Aiur is our homeworld. It is here that we shall make our stand".

That sentiment is beautifully portrayed in the cinematic as the Protoss warriors selflessly give their lives to protect and avenge Aiur. The story the cinematic portrays reinforces all that we already know about the Protoss, but also teases what promises to be a major plot point in Legacy of the Void - the inevitable attempt by the remaining Protoss to reclaim Aiur from the Zerg Swarm.

The cinematic is nothing less than what we would expect from Blizzard's team. It is beautifully rendered, charged with action, and dripping with nostalgic emotion, the cinematic finally gives the Protoss their due.


Battle.net - Legacy of the Void Launches 11/10 - Watch the Cinematic now!
YouTube.com - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

The date of the world premiere for Legacy of the Void has been announced. On September 13, the new expansion will be displayed in two ways: in person and on Twitch.tv.

Hosted by William “Chobra” Cho, the stream will take place on September 13 at 10:00am PDT on the official StarCraft Twitch channel and finish with the epic conclusion of the WCS Season 3 finals.
Or come on out and watch it all unfold on the big screen with StarCraft II developers and friends at the Blizzard Barcraft in downtown L.A.! Join us for food, goodies, and fun—the first drink’s on us! Doors open at 6:00 A.M.

Get in on the action at:

The Theatre at Ace Hotel
929 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Full information and a button to RSVP is available on the official announcement.

Battle.net - Save the Date, you’re invited to a Legacy of the Void World Premiere!

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