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UNN Evening Report:

Haji Under Control

(UNN) -- Confederate forces have successfully cornered the army of pirates rampaging throughout the fire-damaged portions of Haji. General Sol Kervock is busy with the closing maneuvers of this campaign and unavailable for comment, but our own analysts predict a resolution within hours. Support troops that had been arriving from surrounding systems are already being sent home with the grateful thanks of the Hajian people.

Private Data-txt Sent From MSpeer to MLiberty

Hey Mike,

This is too funny. Curious about the movement of this week's headline story to the proverbial back pages of today's report? No, I don't think you're curious at all: we both know what it means. I've just got the specifics.

What started out as a glorious recruitment ad for the Confederate military (and a career booster for Kervock) has turned into an even more glorious clusterfekk. The fires are still burning out here, and have only been put in check due to civilian efforts. The local populace has rallied around the actions of Raynor and Findlay, and people are now taking the responsibility of saving fire victims into their own hands-- even if it means "borrowing" military vehicles to assist in the effort.

It gets better. One of the bivouacs near the origins of the fire was actually caught between two arms of the blaze, and our two criminal heroes rushed in to save the endangered soldiers (OK, and they were probably hoping for some more loot as well-- I never said these guys were angels). Can you imagine the cheers when Raynor and Findlay emerged from the flames with Kervock hog-tied on the back of a vulture? I know I'm supposed to be an impartial observer, but… sometimes the story is better than a dry report. I guess I had forgotten that.

So that's why the support forces are pulling out of Haji. That's why this headline has been buried. We've got two dirty thieves with a general for a hostage, the adulation of the populace, and a big fat ticket out of here as soon as the posse gets clear.

I love journalism.



Source: - Haven's Devils: Lost Transmissions

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