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The winners of the Join The Dominion contest have been announced on the official StarCraft II website. Eleven talented talented artists were crowned winners, consisting of three top prize winners and eight runner-ups. There are also countless honorable mentions that span several pages.

The power to annihilate a planet is insignificant when compared to the power of information.  Nothing exemplifies this maxim more than the brilliantly executed program of inspiration, indoctrination, and admonition that has been unleashed over the course of this propaganda art contest.  Indeed, the results have been truly impressive, but now the contest has drawn to a close.  The votes have been counted and the time has come to recognize 11 propagandists whose efforts have most swayed the hearts and minds of their peers.  Let us congratulate the winners on their victory and bask in their rewards.

Click here to view the announcement and here to view all of the contest entries.

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