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Bashiok, a Blizzard community manager, has replied to a thread where a number of player concerns regarding Battle.net II's development have been posted. Bashiok let every poster know that Blizzard is aware of their feedback and further alluded to an upcoming response from Blizzard that will hopefully address most of their concerns.

Thanks for the collection of feedback and the constructive tone. Always appreciated. 

We're fully aware of the concerns that are being discussed in the various threads, on fansites, detailed through kitten videos, etc. and we're in the midst of working on a comprehensive address that should hit most of the major concerns. Just a heads up.

Bashiok also empathizes with a poster that is concerned about Blizzard's response time to these topics later on in the thread.

It's a fully justified complaint, and hopefully something we can correct moving forward.

Battle.net Forums - Battle.net 2.0 Ultimatum (100% Constructive)

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