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Delays are an annoyance.  They dull expectations, they make us worry.  Why would it be delayed?  Did they think it was done and change their mind?  What if they're wrong this time?  It can be confusing - you may check your favourite sites and see nothing, or go to the store and what you expected isn't there.  Hopefully, our long awaited sequel will not be delayed.  Hopefully, neither will the Legacy Weekly, ever again.  We're sorry and we're here to present the latest, belated edition of the...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


Whoa, what didn't we do in the last two weeks?  Blizzard invited us, and others, to see them and our coverage can be read here and read what everyone else said here.

Along with the translated interviews from June 22nd, we also translated the words of David Kim.  More interviews here.

Oh, and did I mention our amazing cinematic? Damn... we're good.


Blizz News


Let's get the major piece out of the way.  There won't be LAN play in StarCraft II.  Karune had the following to say:

I loved LAN parties, but the direction in which Battle.net is headed, I would always choose to play on Battle.net > 99% of the time and even if for whatever reason I did decide to lug my computer to a friend's house in this day of age (<1%), I would still be playing with them on Battle.net against others at their place. 

And now for the speculation: Battle.net is going to have some kind of LAN replacement, that will basically have exactly the same effect (tiny latancy) but will require login first.  Karune responded to comments by the community that their concerns will definitely be relayed to the development team and that any suggestions will be presented.  Those who are able to debate this intelligently will have their opinion heard, I suggest doing it on our forums.


Fan Art
As much as we'd love this week's fanart to be the lovely Dr. Hanson we're not sure if that would count, so:
This week's piece comes from dannlord. If you have any suggestions for the fan art segment, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Community News


Another fansite Q&A was released this week, StarCraft2.pl.net, topics covered include infested Protoss and the regeneration of the three races.  

Daniel "SuperDanielMan" Lee, commentator for GOMTV and retired e-sports team owner, posted his opinions on StarCraft II, with more to come.  Check out part 1 here.

This concludes another edition of the Legacy Weekly, until next time.

The Legacy Weekly approves: MASSIVE NEWS EVENTS.
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