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BlizzCon, the annual Blizzard convention, is currently taking submissions for its original art contest and movie contest. Winners will have their submission(s) shown on the BlizzCon stage, and will also receive a ticket to BlizzCon and hundreds of dollars in cash.

For the original art contest, submissions have to be original works of art that features the StarCraft, Diablo, and/or Warcraft universe and is in a high-resolution JPEG format. The movie contest is similarly taking submissions based on Blizzard's game universes. The submissions may use any mix of live-action, animation, or game footage that is no longer than three minutes in length.

Submissions must be entered before August 23, and you can check out the full contest details for both contests on this page.

BlizzCon - Enter the BlizzCon 2013 Original Art Contest
BlizzCon - Enter the BlizzCon 2013 Movie Contest
BlizzCon - Event Information

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