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During the past week, TeamLiquid.net has been covering a now-infamous match fixing scandal, which currently involves several famous Korean progamers and a handful of others that had participated in the illegal events that took place. Coverage had officially begun after Newsis.com, Fomos.kr and The Korean Times had confirmed rumors regarding the results of a recent Korean criminal investigation. This group of 16 individuals had either collaborated in fixing matches or had knowledge of the illegal activity going on.

To the dismay of thousands of loyal StarCraft progamer fans across the world, it has been confirmed that many tournament matches were fixed in order allow these individuals to profit and collect millions. The current and ex-programers that were responsible for throwing their own matches were promised amounts ranging between 2-6 million at a time by the brokers involved. Meanwhile, these brokers and other collaborators had collected from their gambling earnings and made an effort to hide the truth from the eyes of the unknowing public.

The KeSPA investigation was thought to be started after the discovery of privately recorded practice matches were found. These practice tapes were being sold from various progamers' teammates to other rival progamer teams in order to give the rivals an unfair advantage. Once it had become apparent that progamers were selling out their own teammates to the competition, an official investigation had begun. Investigators started diging deeper and deeper, until more crimes and evidence were brought to the public's attention.

As of right now, several of the guilty programers that have been revealed by the investigation have come forward and apologized to public for their immoral actions. These include progamers such as YellOw[ArnC] (Z), UpMaGiC (T), go.go (T) and type-b (Z). It has also been announced that players such as Luxury (Z) and Yarnc (Z) have had their contracts terminated by teams and that they have now retired. Other progamers such as Justin (T) and DarkElf (T) and even the famous sAviOr (Z) have been unofficially pinned down as suspects, but have yet to respond to the allegations. Fans have already confirmed them as guilty, considering the incriminating details that have already been released by investigators.

sAviOr is quite possibly the most controversial suspect out of the entire group. His current coach, Cho Kyuu Nam has gone on the record defending sAviOr by previously claiming that all of the criminal accusations made towards sAviOr were false. The world famous Zerg player may now soon have to answer to all of his loyal fans and even his coach as well.

UPDATE: News has surfaced stating that sAviOr (Z) has been released by his team, CJ Entus. KeSPA is also forcing sAviOr to retire. Hwansin (T) has also come forward to apologize for his actions on his cyworld (social network account.)

Click here to read more about the current coverage.

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