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StarCraft: Legacy has decided to return to its roots with a little bit of hardcore writing for this article. l33telboi has written an in-depth analysis about the physics of the C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle. How would those rifles that Marines tote around compare to other Terran weapons or even modern weaponry?

By looking at the technical specifications of the C-14 gauss rifle and its ammunition we thus find that it should have a kinetic energy between 15 and 34 kilojoules, assuming the absolute minimum muzzle velocity. Why is kinetic energy important? It's pretty much how we determine if one gun is more powerful then another in modern days. Of course in truth a comparison is far more complicated than so, but kinetic energy is a good rough indicator. So, for comparison, an M16 assault rifle bullet has a kinetic energy of about 1.7 kilojoules, and an AK-47 assault rifle has a kinetic energy of around 2 kilojoules. The figures for the C-14 are quite high when compared with modern assault rifles. So what sorts of modern weapons have similar kinetic energies? Well, a heavy machine gun firing .50 cal BMG rounds has a kinetic energy between 15 and 20 kilojoules, so that's roughly on par. What all this means is that we can assume at least rough parity between the two in terms of kinetic energy. But to point out - the .50 cal BMG (or 12.7 mm) machine gun is something you mount on modern vehicles, like Hummvees. There are also some anti-materiel rifles using the same round, most famously the M2 Barrett.


Read the rest here.

Quantifying the C-14 “Impaler” Gauss Rifle

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