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Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's Pimpest Plays 2007! Indeed, we'll be the first to say that this release is unapologetically late. Nonetheless, we have persevered to bring to you what we feel serves as the benchmark, the gold standard, for StarCraft's greatest moments. Even in 2007, hot on the heels of the announcement of StarCraft's sequel, the game's players and plays have continued to evolve. The art of StarCraft is still practiced by people whose passion for the game is surpassed only by their skill and innovation.

There are eight finalists, two honorable mentions and one unPimpest Play. The unPimpest Play is awarded to the spectacular "choke." The Honorable Mentions are awarded often to the small tricks or boundless clicks. We hope you enjoy SC:Legacy's most popular feature. The submission form for Pimpest Plays 2008 will be up soon.

StarCraft: Legacy's Pimpest Plays 2007

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