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Have you ever lost at the hands of a merciless Terran tank push, and thought to yourself "If only those back rocks weren't so easily exploitable for the race I currently dislike! These map designers really need to get their act together!", wringing your hands with contempt? Have you thought up a great new idea for a ladder map that could completely alter the way certain matchups are played? Then StarCraft: Legacy and Nvidia want to hear from you! All you have to do is design a great new map in the map designer - then submit them to our contest staff.

By this point, you're probably aware that we like to give away great prizes when we ask the community to undertake such tasks. How right you are! The prizes for this contest are:

1st Place: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB)

2nd Place: Zeratul vs. Kerrigan Poster and any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

3rd Place: Any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

starcraft 2 gtx 460

Here are the parameters by which your submission will be judged:
  • Map balance. The StarCraft Legacy staff will judge your map based on perceived racial and overall balance.  The top left corner should not have two free island gold expansions, for example.
  • Creativity.  We would love to see map elements that are new and not before used, such as triggers, or doodads, that could be plausible for Ladder play and add to the fun of a competitive StarCraft II match.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Was the tileset(s) used in an artful, pleasing manner?   

Entries will be judged by these qualities, originality, and ingenuity. 

The deadline for the contest is September 5th. Please send your submissions to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Map Design Contest Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) contest.

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