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Hiring Staff



StarCraft: Legacy is Hiring

StarCraft: Legacy is asking for applications from interested and devoted community members to become a staff on the site. For those interested, more information about desired positions are over on our opportunities page.

We are looking for Content and Graphics staff to help out with the site, although we are especially looking for Content staff.

Content staff generally post news and write articles, even extending to writing lore editorials, special features relating to the StarCraft series, and detailed reviews. Further details about the responsibilities of the Content staff can be found on the opportunities page.

Graphics staff create art and graphics for articles, editorials, and features as well as design and layout for the site. Examples and details of what we are looking for are found on the opportunities page.


Application and Contact

For those wishing to apply, please carefully read over the opportunities page, which also includes an FAQ about the application process as well as details on the available positions and what the responsibilities are. If you're still unsure of the work involved with being a StarCraft: Legacy staff, browse some of our recent articles and news posts for examples.

For those interested in applying as a Content staff, simply send an email to opportunities[at]sclegacy[dot]com with the subject as the position you wish to apply for (read the opportunities page for the exact subject you should use) and include in the body any relevant skills, interests, or examples of any work you have written yourself.

The application for Graphics staff is the same as for Content staff, but the application process for Graphics staff emphasizes the portfolio. Include works that you have completed within the application email (online portfolio links are acceptable, such as from deviantART). Works relevant to the position you are interested is recommended, but anything that showcases your skills is acceptable.

For any further questions that are not answered by this post or the opportunities page, please contact LordofAscension through PM over the forums or by email to lordofascension[at]sclegacy[dot]com with the subject "Questions Regarding Opportunities". In addition, if you have an idea of how you can help the site, but it isn't included in any of the positions listed, you can contact LordofAscension to discuss any possibilities. Do not hesitate to ask about anything uncertain or unclear, but be sure that it isn't explicitly mentioned or answered on the opportunities page before you send a PM or email.

The application process has multiple steps, and as such may take a while for us to contact you. After reading the applications, we will contact applicants individually by the email address they used to send their application.


Thank you for being a visitor to StarCraft: Legacy. We will eagerly await your applications!

StarCraft: Legacy - Opportunities

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