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SC:L is proud to announce the winners of our unit contest. We have received over 75 submissions and were impressed with their quality, both in the realms of art and writing. Indeed, our community has a plethora of talented artists and creative minds. We would like to thank everyone for participating. Without further adieu, here are our winners:

1st Place: Dread_Reaper's Barralisk
Prize: Razer Lycosa

2nd Place: GRUNT's Mantlet
Prize: Razer Abyssus

3rd Place: Drake Clawfang's Redeemer
Prize: Razer Moray

Semi-Finalists: Technoscream's Custodian, zeeble's Exolisk, boom's Anvil, and Fuper's broodmother.

See this forum thread for the top three units. Thanks for all the submissions, and to Razer for sponsoring this contest!

This has been a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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