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StarCraft: Legacy is proud to announce the winners of our latest mapping contest. Our dedicated members provided us with many entries, reflecting the wide variety of talent in our community. Our judging staff poured meticulously over the maps, and there was a very lively debate concerning which maps stood above the others. After lots of theorizing and play-testing, we would like to present the winners:

1st Place: Valhalla by prodiG

This map is a reminiscent throwback to the old Brood War days, featuring a mineral only 3rd, along with no high yield or Xel'Naga watchtowers. The mains are nicely nestled within mostly non-traversable cliffs, while the natural and 3rd contain lots of open space.

Prize: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB)

2nd Place: Rising Tides by Gaius
Rising Tides is a larger 1v1 map set on a beautiful beach tileset map. Double height clifs help protect the main. Expansions flow counter-clockwise, with a gold as a possible 4th. The more direct path to the center is supplemented by additional side paths. A raised ramp overlooks each natural, acting as a drop zone.

Prize: Zeratul vs. Kerrigan Poster and any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

3rd Place: Amnesia by madsquare
This 1v1 map is a quick paced map. Featuring a short rush distance and lots of open spaces, this map makes expansions critical to hold onto, even though none of them are high-yield. There is possibility for a decent deal of cheese on this map, stemming from the wide cliff-face available at each main.

Prize: Any StarCraft novel (excluding Heaven's Devils)

Be sure to check out the 1st and 2nd place winners online, by searching for the map while creating a custom game. SC:L would like to thank everyone for all the hard work they put into their submissions. We would also like to thank NVIDIA for sponsoring this contest! Keep watching SC:L for many more contest opportunities!

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This has been a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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