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SC:L Guest Editorial Contest

Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's Guest Editorial Contest! An emphasis on the community and crafting thought provoking editorials has long been an important part of the legacy experience. StarCraft Legacy has had the privilege of showcasing several editorials written by members of our site. While these site members not officially site content staff, we recognize, help edit, and publish their excellent ideas in editorial form. We are turning this process into a special contest. Entries will be judged by their relevance, innovative ideas, writing clarity, and readability. The top entries will be published via SC:Legacy's mainpage and included in our special guest editorial series.

The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key & a special limited edition print of SC:L's header control art
2nd - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key
3rd - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key
4th - 1 StarCraft II Beta Key


Here are some examples of editorials:

The subject matter is limited to anything StarCraft-related, whether it be gameplay, lore, or general thoughts. Images in editorials are not required but are a bonus if they're used well. The deadline for the contest is July 26th. Send your submissions to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Guest Editorial Submission" as the subject. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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