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The Battle.net forum software has been upgraded. Important changes include an updated layout and the addition of anti-spam tools.

Bashiok wrote:

We've just brought our brand-new Battle.net forums online. The new forums bring a host of new features and stability, as well as helpful tools for us to better moderate and organize posts. Theyre available right now -- to access them, visit: http://forums.battle.net

The forum login requirements remain the same. In order to post you will need an account created by a Battle.net supported game and a CD-key.

These forums will no longer be open for posting, but if youd like to copy a thread or back up some information, theyll remain available until Monday, October 13.

The benefits of implementing these new forums are numerous, and we hope youre as excited as we are to see this step toward the continued growth and support of our Battle.net community.

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