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Room Wars Loading Screen

The SC:L Staff has developed a brand new custom map called Room Wars. It is a custom map for StarCraft II that can be played from 2 to 8 players in Free-For-All or in team matchups. The map is similar to a Zone Control map with the exception that each zone is enclosed in a room and the room’s doors open at different consistent times. It is very fast-paced as players can quickly lose the game if they don’t protect their captured rooms.

This map can be played at all levels of skill but it gets progressively harder as players control more rooms. This would require more attention to micro units as some units are dependent on their abilities.

Room Design Map Overview

The map has 48 rooms. A general rule of thumb is that the farther the room is from your initial room, the better spawn it will have. Thus, the rooms close to the center will have the best spawn.
This map can be played on different modes:

  • Classic Mode (FFA): In this mode, players will have to capture and control 40 rooms to win.
  • Classic Mode (Teams): In teams of 2, players have to jointly capture and control 40 rooms.
  • King of the Hill: Players need to capture the center room for 5 minutes.
  • Resource Mode (Under Development): Capturing rooms grant players periodic resources and supply with which they can use to warp in a variety of units to any of their controlled points. Teams must capture 40 rooms to win.

The map is currently available on US, EU and LA servers by the name [SCL] Room Wars.

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