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Recently, StarCraft Zone interviewed ITSTORRASQUE4U, the project director of the StarCraft: Sons of War modification. Sons of War is a total conversion for StarCraft: Brood War, which features an originally voiced campaign with custom units and cinematics. The interview discusses the roots of the Sons of War project and divulges some detail about the new units and storyline.

StarCraftZone: We've seen some pretty amazing 3d models from you guys, but we've noticed some completely new units as well. Units such as the Terran "Tomahawk", Zerg "Bane" and the Protoss "Vanguard". Can you share with us a bit about these new units and their roles in the game?

ITSTORRASQUE4U: The Terran Tomahawk is a heavy bomber that also shoots short range anti-ground missiles automatically at any enemy between it and it's target: great for dealing with Zs under Dark Swarm, or a rather big mass of zealots for example.

The Zerg Bane is a Scourge evolution, a much more practical fighter. If you morph your Scourge into a Bane you won't get it back, but you gain rapid melee (which if abused correctly with the creatures potential "massability" can be devastating) and the Suicide Dive, which can snipe ground and air targets from a safe distance.

The Protoss Vanguard's role is still under discussion. She's currently a heavy anti-organic unit, which deals massive damage (almost always instant KO, but with VERY long cooldown) and slows down the units around the primary target. Melee units such as Zerglings and Zealots are greatly affected.

Sons of War has been in development for over a year. The group is mostly known for their outstanding 3D generated artwork. Here is a shot from one of their upcoming cinematic cutscenes:

Sons of War promises to be one of the most visually stunning modifications for the StarCraft genre. Its creators had originally envisioned it to serve as a replacement for StarCraft II itself! However, now that StarCraft II is officially announced and in development, the Sons of War team plans to finish their project before StarCraft II goes gold. They're always interested in talent and if you would like to help out, feel free to create a post in our forums.

SCZ - Interview with StarCraft: Sons of War
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