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"Tuxedo Templar and the modding community over at Maplantis.org have released a brand new map unlike anything you've ever seen before: Astrogears! Here's what the Maplantis homepage has to say on this revolutionary map.

This is a novel new concept map for Starcraft featuring one of the most dynamic multiplayer tactical and strategy experiences ever seen! This map pushes practically all of the game's physical limits and introduces many powerful new concepts going well beyond the game itself. You've never seen anything like this before!

Astrogears is a team versus game that will pit up to 6 players against one another across two teams. Players must push their strategizing, lateral thinking, and tactical abilities to the limit in order to win. It plays out in real time utilizing numerous layers of gameplay elements. Combat is driven by many dynamic systems based upon automatically-generated NPC forces and the players' Gears: Powerful tools of war featuring a rich medley of abilities and customizability options.
In Astrogears, players command flying Command Centers, or ""Gears"" and their Ghost controllers called ""Gear Masters"". Using the many ""Bits"" launched from the Gear in tandem with the NPC forces your Gear can help cultivate, you must loot the platform for asteroid resources and destroy your enemy's HQ before they destroy yours.

Astrogears is truly a step above and beyond maps before it, and an excellent game in its own right. Many thanks to Tuxedo Templar and the good people at Maplantis for developing and releasing this incredible piece of modding! Visit the Astrogears homepage and download v2 of the map today.

Astrogears Homepage
Maplantis Homepage"
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