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Development for the popular StarCraft mod StarCraft: Team Fortress has resumed. For those of you not familiar with it, StarCraft: Team Fortress is based on Team Fortress Classic - a highly regarded and popular team-based online mod originally made for Half-Life. The mod merges the unit concepts of Team Fortress Classic with the real-time strategy environment of StarCraft, and creates an entirely new style of gameplay. STF's creator, Hercanic, has finally resumed development of the mod:

It's BACK! StarCraft Team Fortress creator Hercanic never gives up! He's secretly been back in action working on his pride and joy, STF! From the dark corner of his cubicle in the Campaign Creations HQ (non-existing at the moment) he has partnered up with famed programmer Poiuy_qwert (creator of PyMS) to reproduce STF from the ground up. Using new elements and tools to modify StarCraft, he's brought back something worthy of making you reinstall your most prized memory, if you had for some unknown reason uninstalled it. Trust me, I've played it, and it's worth every waking morning that you sat up on your bed and murmured.. "I wish STF would of kept going.."

Welcome back the active updates of StarCraft Team Fortress!

Those of you who still have your StarCraft installed might be interested in downloading STF and exploring the intense multiplayer gameplay; you can also find regular updates for the mod at Campaign Creations. Otherwise, feel free to check out some of the lore and artwork developed for the mod.

Campaign Creations - Starcraft Team Fortress (Beta released!)
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