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It's been a big week over on Battle.net, two Q&A batches, a controversial new revelation over the Zealot, a name - "Marauder" - to place to the Firebat replacement Karune alluded to some time ago, and a new Protoss unit ripping through the enemy.

The Protoss Nullifier thus far is equipped with the Force Field, which costs 30 energy, and Null Void, which costs 50 - the Nullifier has 100 energy max. Force Field has been passed around between the High Templar and both the air and ground versions of the Star Relic/Stasis Orb. Null Void however, is a new power.
We've been told the Nullifier has the Stasis Orb's sprite, although some have speculated it has been redone with a "dark" color scheme like the Stalker and Tempest.

Force Field casts a field of energy that prevents any ground units from entering it, although units caught inside can move out and the Colossus can walk over it. This has been proven crucial for choke point defense and cutting attacking forces in half. Although we don't know the cooldown, it's not at all hard to conceive a skilled player with only a few Nullifiers throwing down two or three forcefields amidst a rush of enemies and forcing the back to go around them while the front ones get slaughtered.

Null Void creates a field on the map that lasts for 15 seconds, during which time any unit entering the field cannot use energy-based abilities. Although we don't know the radius of this power, it is apparently highly effective against M&Ms early game, stopping the Medic's healing powers and forcing the opponent to micro them out of the field while their Marines are helpless. Note that this only stops energy-based powers - Marines can still Stim, Stalkers still Blink, etc.

As for the Nullifier itself, it has a potent base attack like the Marine's, costs 50 minerals, 100 gas, is built from the Gateway with a Cybernetics Core prerequisite, and is Tier 1.5. It's apparently extremely helpful supporting Zealots early game, and one look at its spells is enough to explain why. Karune has confirmed that against Zerg especially, teching to a Core and mining for gas is effective against the Zerg as Zealots consume minerals and Nullifiers consume gas.

So, with an entirely new unit emerging from the mists of rumor in a single week, it's time for you to be heard. What do you think of the newest addition to the Protoss arsenal?
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