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The Nomad's powers have changed since Blizzcon. You may remember that the Nomad of Blizzcon was armed with Defensive Matrix and Nano-Repair: the former created a field on the map that protected units beneath it, the latter restored 200 HP to a mechanical unit.

Now the Nomad is armed with energy-powered Auto Turrets, and the fate of Nano-Repair and Defensive Matrix is currently unknown. This is in addition to a plethora of other powers like Irradiate, EMP and Lockdown that may or may not remain from the Ghost/Science Vessel of SC1. And there may be new abilities being tested with the Nomad.

So, what powers should it have? Please pick no more than 3 powers. Also note that the Nomad has continuously been a Detector, and thus it is assumed it will remain as such.
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