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"While everyone debates across the fandom over the value of the Protoss and Terran units we've seen, the Zerg remain shrouded in mystery. Save for the age-old WWI demo and the three fansite exclusive screenshots, Blizzard and Kerrigan have been keeping the Swarm under wraps and hiding their true intentions from us.

From what we know thus far, Zerglings, Banelings, Mutalisks and Overlords are in the game, with the fate of the Nydus Worm up in the air. We've also been told in posts from the Devs that the Ultralisk is in the Zerg faction, and that there are a few secret Zerg units they've been testing against the Thor.

So, with all this mystery, what's next for the Zerg? Like their enemies the Swarm has continued to evolve, grow and expand. What type of new breed will the Zerg unleash on their enemies next? Vote and let us know what you believe is the next stage in Zerg evolution.

Note: ""Upgraded"" means upgraded in the sense of the SC1 Ghost being upgraded to the SC2 Ghost - same unit, different powers and role."
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