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On March 12, Blizzard accepted questions and answered them through Twitter. These questions and answers have been posted up on the Battle.net forums for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Q. Hi. So many people are complaining about this on the forum... is it true that there will be no chat channels? I hope not!

A. We do have plans for chat channels. Specifically, we want to organize chat channels around users' interests so you know what types of conversations you are going to get into when you join a channel. This feature is not something that will be in for beta. Currently we plan to do this feature in a patch after the game launches.

Q. Are you guys still working on the Map Editor; and if so, what features are you planning to incorporate into the final piece?

A. Yes. We're still working on the Map Editor and currently working on the publishing system. We intend to release an early version of the editor during the beta so the map-making community can get a head start creating their own maps. This is going to be a stretch for us to pull off, but our hope is to get it out before the end of April.


Read the full Q&A here.

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