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In a lengthy post, Blizzard has announced that "Automated Tournaments" will be coming to the Legacy of the Void beta. These automated tournaments will be a way for people to compete without the managing, organizing, and communication normally required to hold a tournament.

Once the tournament begins , you will receive a notifcation (even while in-game) that will take you to prepare for your first match. You will get a chance to veto up to three maps of your choice each round, allowing you to cater your map choices to the opponent you’re playing next. Your opponent will do the same, not knowing your veto choices. You’ll be able to see your opponent’s win record on each map to help with your veto decisions.


Signing up to an automated tournament is done in the game client. 3-round tournaments are held Mondays to Thursdays, and 6-round tournaments are held Fridays to Sundays. The rules for each of these are different, as seen below:

There are two tournament formats:
  • 3-Round Tournaments
    • Schedule: Monday–Thursday
    • Duration: Approximately 60–90 minutes
    • Format: Single-elimination bracket
  • 6-Round Tournaments
    • Schedule: Friday–Sunday
    • Duration: Approximately 3-4 hours
    • Format: Group Stage -> Single-elimination bracket


More information on how to sign up to tournaments can be found on this page. Also on that page are Blizzard's plans to add onto the automated tournament system, and what's to come in the future.

Battle.net - Automated Tournaments Coming to Beta

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