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In preparation for Season 2 of StarCraft II, the ladder map pool is receiving some new additions. The new 1v1 maps are King Sejong Station LE, Overgrowth LE, Merry Go Round LE, and Waystation. The maps being removed are Polar Night, Yeonsu, Daedalus Point, and Heavy Rain. This makes the full Season 2 1v1 ladder map pool as follows:

Complete 1v1 Map Pool for 2014 Season 2
Alterzim Stronghold TE
Frost LE
Habitation Station LE
King Sejong Station LE
Overgrowth LE
Merry Go Round LE


For the full list of new maps, including maps for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, click here.

Battle.net - New Ladder Maps for 2014 Season 2

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