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For those who have not heard of it, GameHeart is a widely popular overlay for StarCraft IIĀ that allows observers to place team and tournament logos, draw analysis on the map, zoom out much further, and more, a video of which can be seen here. Gameheart has been used in multiple tournaments for quite some time, but never in a WCS event. That is about to change with the recent announcement of a collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and the creator of GameHeart, Ryan Schutter, that aims to create a new version of GameHeart that will serve as the official WCS tournament overlay for all of the WCS events. Furthermore, this official WCS GameHeart Overlay will be available for anyone to use on any broadcast, even ones not related to the WCS.

This collaboration, announced by Blizzard on the StarCraft II home page, seems to be fairly new, as there was no information provided about new features, functionality, or design of the new GameHeart. Details are promised to come as the project nears completion, which will most likely mark a milestone for StarCraft II eSports broadcasting.

For anyone that wants to learn about the latest version of GameHeart, click here.

Battle.net - GameHeart at Blizzard

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