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StarCraft II patch 2.1.1 is out! It seems to only contain bug fixes, so there shouldn't be any large changes to gameplay.

StarCraft II 2.1.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  •     The Follow Unit shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + F) is now working properly.
  •     The game should no longer return an error when you create a lobby with Extension Mods under certain conditions.
  •     Games created with private Extension Mods can no longer be opened to the public.
  •     A Viper can no longer be prevented from Abducting a unit by another Viper queuing Abduct on the target unit.
  •     Custom icons for Groups and Clans should now update properly after they are changed.
  •     Fixed a bug that caused a discrepancy in the displayed number of members in a Group.
  •     Fixed a bug preventing player and map attributes from publishing properly in multiple regions.
  •     Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when Take Command was activated on a replay.
  •     The UI overlay can no longer be activated while a new or saved campaign mission is being loaded.
  •     Fixed a bug preventing some achievements from correctly counting certain actions.
  •     Achievements are now being properly awarded on StarCraft Master.


Battle.net - StarCraft II 2.1.1 Patch Notes

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