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There are a few posts on the Battle.net forums related to upcoming balance updates, most notable of which is a modified release schedule. Due to current ongoing tournaments, Blizzard has decided to push back the balance update's release for Europe only:

As David Kim mentioned in his recent forum post, we’ll be moving forward with a new balance update this week. However, we realized that our original release schedule for Friday, February 28 would offer WCS Europe Premier League Group F competitors just a few short hours to practice with the new changes. Instead, we’re going to slightly alter our release schedule by holding off on the balance update for the European Battle.net region until after the Group F broadcast concludes on Saturday, March 1.

With tournaments on-going across the globe, there’s never a perfect time to roll out a balance update, but we want to make sure our target dates will have the least amount of impact possible on upcoming events. Once again, this schedule change will only affect Europe and we are still planning to release the update for all other Battle.net regions on Friday, February 28.


David Kim also posted about the upcoming balance update, explaining some of the changes that will be coming :

Widow Mine splash damage increased from 40 to 40 +40 shields
We’ve seen a little confusion surrounding this change and we’d like to clarify that it does not change the Widow Mine’s single target damage. As for the splash damage, this is how it’ll work:

• Up to 1.25 radius, splash damage will increase from 40 to 40 +40 vs. shields.
• From 1.25 to 1.5 radius, splash damage will increase from 20 to 20 +20 vs. shields.
• From 1.5 to 1.75 radius, splash damage will increase from 10 to 10 +10 vs. shields.

Hydralisk attack delay decreased from .83 to .75
We believe this change is good for all three match ups after testing. In ZvP, it seems to make a significant difference even though it’s turning out to be not as big as we initially thought before we started testing.

Mothership Core vision decreased from 14 to 9
After testing, this change is turning out to be quite a bit of a nerf for Protoss in terms of early scouting. It also makes the army vs. army case a bit weaker for Protoss in terms of the vision the Mothership Core provides, especially when vision is critically needed, such as during Feedback vs. EMP battles.


For the full David Kim post, click here.

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