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Over the last few days, Blizzard has given a few previews on the various features coming in patch 2.1. Most notable of these is the extension mods preview, which explains how to use extension mods and how they will change the game.

As a developer, Extension Mods will allow you to develop a mod containing a set of parameters that can be published to Battle.net and applied to any StarCraft II melee map by any player. Long gone will be the days where you need to set up each map you want to use with your custom mod and publish an individual, unique version of that existing map.

As a player, you’ll now be able to use Extension Mods to play your favorite game modes on any StarCraft II melee map, completely changing the way you play. The kinds of modifications that are possible are virtually endless; they can range from build order trainers to unit testing sandboxes to adding completely new races.


These extension mods will allow players to take any map available and play Big Game Hunters on it, or to make all units explode on death, or make minerals wander around the map!

Next up are the new levelling incentives. There are three new portraits and three new decals, based on StarCrafts by Carbot Animations, that will be attainable through levelling to the new level cap, level 35. In addition, there will be a "First Win of the Day" bonus that gives 100,000 XP for the first game you win in the day. This bonus is separate for each race, so try to win at least once with each race a day after patch 2.1 is released!

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