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The balance test map for the recently discussed changes has been released on Battle.net. The name of the map is "Bel’Shir Vestige LE (2.0.11 Balance v1.0)" and can be found on the Custom Games list of StarCraft II. The balance changes in this map are as follows:

        Movement speed increased from 3.375 to 4.0
        Acceleration increased from 2 to 3
        Revelation casting radius increased from 9 to 10

        Vehicle and Ship Weapon upgrades have been combined
    Siege Tank
        Siege Mode attack period decreased from 3.0 to 2.7
    Widow Mine
        Sentinel Missiles splash radius decreased from 1.75 to 1.25

    Roach Warren
        The Tunneling Claws upgrade now increases burrowed Roach movement speed from 1.41 to 2.25.


For the reasoning behind these changes, check out this thread.

Battle.net - Call to Action: October 2 Balance Testing

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