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September has rolled in again, which means the beginning of school, the fall season, and a StarCraft II back-to-school event!

To celebrate the return of school, Blizzard is giving a 50% discount on purchases of Wings of Liberty, and 25% discounts on purchases of Heart of the Swarm. Not only that, but from September 23 to 30, players can obtain a new Feat of Strength, "You Got Schooled", which unlocks three new portraits for StarCraft II.


The Feat of Strength can be achieved by winning five games of Arcade, Custom, Ranked, Training, Unranked, or Versus A.I. online game modes in any combination or order. This, coupled with the fact that XP gain has been doubled until September 30, is a great reason to hop on StarCraft II this week and play your heart out.

If you want to play with friends that don't have full versions of StarCraft II, good news: up to September 30, all three races are unlocked and playable by StarCraft II: Starter Edition players. It's a great time to introduce friends to the game and get them into the StarCraft community.

Remember, all of these events are only active until September 30, so don't delay in getting your back to school portraits!

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