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StarCraft: Subjection, a fully-voiced, eight-part singleplayer campaign for StarCraft II which was released a few months ago, is on the most recent Arcade Highlight!


 The Arcade Highlight includes an interview with the creator of the campaign, Gradius, and the process it took to create the entire series:

Traysent: How long did it take to complete Subjection? How many people worked on the campaign and what roles did they have?

Gradius: Subjection took roughly three years to complete, working on and off.
Subjection was largely a one-man operation, but the contributions of talented voice actors and artists were invaluable. The credits are available on the campaign's main page: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/starcraft-subjection/


The campaign has four difficulty levels, is fully voice-acted, and is daunting in scale and quality. You can find it on StarCraft II by searching "Subjection" on North American Battle.net.

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