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On a new post on Battle.net, the new replay features have been revealed to be coming with Patch 2.0.10, and the restrictions of viewing old replays explained.

Simply put, after patch 2.0.10, you won't be able to watch old replays with your friends, and you won't be able to recover multiplayer games from replays created in 2.0.9 and earlier. This was also the case when Heart of the Swarm was released -- watching replays with others and recovering games only worked with replays created in 2.0.4 and later.

In patch 2.0.10, we’re continuing to make improvements to the replay system based on community feedback.  You can now jump ahead to any time in the replay. Prior to 2.0.10, you could seek backward in a replay, but you could only jump forward to the latest timestamp you'd already reached when watching the replay.


Patch 2.0.10 is said to be "coming soon". Check out the full post for the upcoming replay features here.

Battle.net - Replay Feature Update with Patch 2.0.10

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