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Blizzard has posted some information about replays in patch 2.0.8, and some explanations about the new data recorded in replays:

Starting with Patch 2.0.8, replay files will contain much more information, and we'd like to share some of those details with you today. In order to do this, we collaborated with the fine folks behind GGTracker to put together a preview for just a few of the awesome game stats and performance metrics that can now be pulled from our new-and-improved replay files.


Army Strength & Battles

Currently, GGTracker's Army Strength chart allows you to see which units were in your army at any point during a game. After patch 2.0.8, these graphs will also show when combat took place during each match. Battles are indicated as shaded regions on the Army Strength chart below.


Economy Management

One of the keys to improving as a player, especially for those who are new to the game, is to focus on building a strong economy and spending your resources as efficiently as possible. With the improvements we've made to replays, along with a few of GGTracker's new charts, you'll be able to do just that.


Spending Skill

Among the many stats that GGTracker accounts for, the Spending Skill measurement is one of its most intriguing and one that many players have found useful for leveling up their play. This measurement is an adaptation of the intricate Spending Quotient metric introduced here, and allows you to see how your economy management skills stack up against other players on a range from Bronze to Grand Master, as well as track your improvement over time in this aspect of StarCraft II gameplay.


You can read the full post here.

Battle.net - StarCraft II Patch 2.0.8 Replay File Enhancements

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