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Once StarCraft II: Flashpoint hit store shelves, we here at StarCraft: Legacy gave the book a thorough read. Our review of the book is now available for viewing, as well as an interview with the author, Christie Golden, which was a wonderful opportunity for us to understand the thoughts behind writing the book

To commemorate the release of the book and our review, we are giving away a signed copy of Flashpoint to a lucky member of the community. To have your chance at winning the book, simply join the StarCraft Legacy group on StarCraft II, follow our twitter (@StarCraftLegacy), and tweet to us your StarCraft II name. A winner will be chosen at random, then contacted with details on claiming the prize.

Good luck to anyone hoping to win the giveaway, and hope you enjoy our review and interview!

Click here for the review article.

StarCraft: Legacy - Flashpoint Review and Interview with Christie Golden

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