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The Game Guide for StarCraft II has just received a massive update, giving detailed explanations on the campaign features that were showcased during the January 17th press event!

Among the new pages is the Kerrigan page, which has explanations of the campaign's RPG elements, levelling up Kerrigan, and videos for each of the passive skills you can obtain.


The other page that was added is the Evolution Pit page, which has information on how mutations and evolutions work (they're two different things), the exact stats of a few mutations, and short descriptions of the Zergling, Baneling, and Roach evolution options.


Be sure to check out the full pages for tons of info. There's no spoilers, so don't worry, oogle your heart away while waiting for the Heart of the Swarm release on March 12th!

Battle.net - Kerrigan, Game Guide
Battle.net - Evolution Pit, Game Guide
Battle.net - StarCraft II Game Guide Update: HotS Campaign Features

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